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11/26/11 4:33:15PM
Why not. We have a first prop and first post one going.

in Fight Camp Central topic "THE IRON FIST; Requirements *READ*

Posted by Kpro

There is a new fight camp; THE IRON FIST.

I am looking for members who will be active in Primary and Secondary Leagues.

I prefer members over the age of 18 as I enjoy cussing every 8th or 9th word on private team message boards. Seriously... I don't want anyone offended by swearing.

Must not hold any hostility towards midgets or little people.

Must have no ill will towards people who have had sex changes.

If female, PM'ing Noodz would be nice, but not required by any means (but would be nice).

Hopefully you have some MMA knowledge, if not, who cares, they put the lines up on the betting screen, a monkey can pick a decent winning %.

I welcome you all with open arms; white, black, brown, yellow, purple, male, female, big, small, social, anti-social. Click to request an invite or email me.

EDIT: I over exaggerated, please no purple people.

Good to see that my appreciation of midgets and asking for nude pictures started from the beginning.
11/26/11 4:43:12PM
'Whitey' Bulger arrest recalls UFC owner's roots

The capture of one of the most wanted U.S. fugitives touches on the origins of the Ultimate Fighting Championship's parent company.

James "Whitey" Bulger was arrested Wednesday near Los Angeles, law enforcement officials said. Bulger, one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted, is accused of leading Boston mobsters for decades. If at least one allegation is true, his organization also launched a chain of events that led to the formation of UFC owner Zuffa.

USA TODAY article

edit: I really hope this is in the right forum. if not, I'm sorry


that's really boring to have my 1st thread go in the news forum..... my first thread not in the news forum was inquiring about UFC in the UK & their ESPN deal
11/26/11 7:43:01PM
Looks like my first was this. Thread titled, Condit vs Diaz

I've watched a few of Condit's fights and he reminds me a lot of Nick Diaz. So I ask who wins between Diaz and Condit. I think this would be a great technical match with a lot of trash talking between the two.
11/26/11 9:00:43PM
"Wandy against Franklin"

Posted by sbulldavid

I'm still not sure who I'm picking here. I could use a little help. Right now I'm leaning towards Wandy by decision. Only because I see Franklin get rocked at least once in every fight and I can't realy see Franklin knocking Silva out. Having said that I don't think that Wandy has the quickness to finish Franklin before he recovers. Wandy is almost always moving forward and swinging away and still has a dangerous Muay Thai clinch, something Franklin has struggled against. It's still a tough pick both seem to be on the down side but they've been fighting some of the best fighters in the world. I'm excited for this fight though, I think their styles give it the potential to be one of the best fights of the year or any year for that matter. Let me know what you all think.

11/26/11 9:53:55PM
In "MMA Lounge"

Topic: Athens,GA

Posted by Ordep

So I recently moved to Athens,GA to start grad school at UGA and I was wondering if any one around here knows a place in town (Bar, pub etc.) where I can see the upcoming PPV events .... I' really appreciate any help, Thanks!!!

11/27/11 3:47:18AM
11/27/11 2:12:35PM
Title: "Question"

"Alright, so I logged on to check my picks and wager earning from last night's fights in the secondary league, but every time I click on my game history, it shows me the picks and wagers of user named "Grace123". Does anyone know what this is about? "
11/28/11 1:46:06PM

Posted by Rabi

The name of my first thread was:

Question for Admin

Posted by Rabi

When will you update the scores for Victory Road?

LOL! I accidently posted in the old post rather then in here!
11/28/11 1:51:26PM
Mine was a boring thread in the "Introduce Yourself" forum.
11/29/11 3:33:06AM
Months after my first post came my first thread. I was posting news stories mainly, and discussing said news in the comments. Then came this in the Playground Game talk forum.

Topic: Breaking news: Where are the posts??

Posted by pmoney

I started posting news on the playground while I was at work because I noticed that it just wasn't happening very quickly. As it stands right now, it's almost 9am Pacific time, and there is a bundle of new news/articles on a whole host of MMA sites.

But they aren't being posted on the playground! One thought I had on how we can bring more traffic to the site is to improve the rate at which the news is posted. As most of us know, this is the place to be for fantasy MMA. I am sure there are other sites that do it, but I've never been to them and never will. And if we stay on top of the news, we can make MMAPlayground the one MMA website an enthusiast would need to visit.

Think about it! If you knew you could get the breaking news from mmajunkie, mmafighting, mmaweekly, bloodyelbow, mmamania, etc, all from MMAPlayground in a timely fashion, you wouldn't need to go anywhere but here! People wouldn't feel the need to create accounts at other websites because the Playground will have the news when it breaks, five minutes after the story breaks not 5 hours.

Just a thought! I want to see this site thrive and I know everyone reading this feels the same way.

I didn't realize I had been annoying the piss outta everyone with my two cents from day one! I feel I always have the Playground's best interest in mind though.
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