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11/25/11 6:41:00PM
Hey guys.

I just saw we have a new "My Posts" feature on the Playground. I was looking back at my old posts and I though it would be cool for everyone (especially the older members) to show us their first post.

So, what was the first post you made on the playground?

Mine is pretty embarrassing.

THREAD: will Chuck be upset again?

Posted by bjj1605

I hate to say it, because 6 months ago I'd have said Chuck by KO, but he doesn't have a chance. Wandy is gonna rip him apart. I think Chuck might survive to the second, but that's all it'll be, surviving. Chuck had a long life of partying and it caught up to him. I think he's done, but i'd like to see him retire after a win. So maybe he will get a couple cans after this fight.

11/25/11 6:46:07PM

Greetings and welcome Pride and UFC MMA fans!'s first fight season is about to begin! This inaugural season will kick off with UFC 67 and will span through the next 9 Pride or UFC events after that. For our first season here the winner will receive $500 (real dollars, not fantasy wager dollars!) as a reward for their superior knowledge of MMA combatants. The game is easy to play and free. You've got nothing to lose!

If you're wondering how the game is played, then make sure to read the rules and FAQ's. Also, any feedback is welcome to as we strive to improve the site to be able to move it out of beta status.

So let the games begin!

PS - As site traffic and user numbers increase we'll be looking for some level-headed forum moderators along with a few talented writers who are devoted MMA fans to post news and updates from the rapidly evolving world of popular MMA. If you think you fit the bill for either of these and want to help out, then drop me a line via the Private Mail system here on the site.

How time flies!
11/25/11 6:56:24PM
Mine was actually wise and proved to be true, in 2007 as a real to Dana guarantees Brock Lesnar I stated basically that it would be fun (to have Brock as a HW in the UFC) but that if it did happen I would have to listen to Kurt angle talk for the next year about how he could've, should've, would've done the same thing.....not to bad for a cherry pop!
11/25/11 7:18:40PM
I'm truly embarrassed by the ignorance of my first post, but here we go.

Thread: Best Damn Hendo
Post #6 8/29/07 8:13:02PM

Posted by Budgellism

I like Hendo as a fighter but he doesn't seem like that nice a guy in person

I read his online chat on ufcjunkie and he came off as very full of himself and a little arrogant... that could just be me though

4 years later and I think Hendo is one of the nicest guys in the sport.
11/25/11 7:50:23PM
Post #17 on the thread "Don Frye Says Brock Lesnar Is An "Embarrassment" And UFC "Hand Picked" His Opponents" is where I got my start. Here it is, just a little over a year old.

Posted by pmoney

Don Frye will always have cred in my book, but this statement is amazing. Look at the physical specimen that Brock Lesnar represents. His UFC debut, his second fight where he was 1-0, was against former UFC Champ Frank Mir. First of all, no one these days has there UFC debut with a 1-0 record, and if they do, it's not against the former champ.....

If anything I would say Velasquez was getting the hand picked opponents. Put Lesnar in instead of Kongo, Lesnar wins that fight, at that time, in my opinion. The only difference between the two is that Lesnar never improved his stand up game, even though it was clear from the beginning that he needed to. It was clear in the Couture fight he needed to up his skills.

If Couture were 10 years younger he might have whooped Lesnar. And Carwin, he doesn't have much in the way of skill, he's just another physically imposing man-beast, and he ran in to someone his size who could take his punches (again, barely, and if Carwin had technique it would've probably been over.)

He's like Matt Hammill, he is a top tier wrestler who has needed to improve his striking for years and yet never has, lord know why. Velasquez was actually able to advance his skills and get himself to the point he is at now, with a skill set that's very solid with the ability to dominate in the wrestling area, and good kickboxing skills.

Don't write Velasquez off vs. Dos Santos......

In retrospect, I think my analysis of Don's statements were fair. I kind of contradict myself though when I talk about Velasquez's hand picked opponents, and then say don't write him off against dos Santos....
11/25/11 7:56:49PM
"I have Rampage[over Chuck], ill go 500 - 500 with the first person to message me"

11/25/11 7:58:13PM
Reply to: Official "I'm Stoned" Thread

Posted by Poor_Franklin


11/25/11 9:03:49PM
Mine was in "UFC 74 Tim Sylvia Vs TBA (Who Agree's It is FEDOR)"

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Tim Sylvia vs Antoni Hardonk.

And have Brandon Vera vs Fedor in '08

Intereseting, as I don't remember that. But the first match up wouldn't have been so bad back then.
11/25/11 9:31:44PM
Not counting my introduce yourself post, my first post was on the Henderson vs Liddell thread. I responded to veritas saying he'd like to see Liddell, Shogun, Henderson, Rampage and Wanderlei fight against each other.

My reply was "Basically any of the LHW's you mentioned pitted against each other would be great to watch."

followed by "I can see Henderson taking Chuck down or stand up and trade with him. Henderson has added more elements to his fight game with every fight. He's not all about the big right hand anymore."

11/26/11 3:07:49AM
MIne was should Jens Pulver hang 'em up.....ahhh, the memories.
11/26/11 4:45:47AM
Here was mine...I think. Closest I can find to it.

I, personally, will respectfully disagree. I love watching the technician that is Machida. People forget, or at least it hasn't been brought up, that this was not Machida's first tangle with a "big name." He has beaten Rich Franklin as well as B.J. Penn. In my opinion, Lyoto is the next big thing in the Light Heavyweight division. He is a very elusive fighter and can drain his opponent's energy. He may not be exciting to watch from a purely "showmanship" angle, but I enjoy watching his fights. I would rather watch a technician at work for 3 rounds than that joke of a fight between Jardine and Silva. I know we all love the great knockouts but let's be honest with ourselves, anyone who loves the sport of MMA loves the skill and passion it takes to be a fighter. Machida displays all of that in his fights. I would buy another pay-per-view just to watch him fight.
11/26/11 4:49:53AM
My first post was on a thread called:

Wicked Suplex

My comment

The best slam has to be Ramapge on Arona just because he ko'd him with it.

Even then I talked sense
11/26/11 5:26:02AM
My first post was quite interesting - I broke down Couture vs Vera, it was my 3rd event on the playground and on my first event I had come 11th

Posted by jjeans

First post ever on here. And i'm trying to decided between Vera and Couture, looked over some stats and figures and this is what i got.

Since 2007, Couture is 2-2 Losses against the unstoppable lesnar, loss against a still on form, Big Nog and wins over a fading Sylivia and a win over an unsettled Gonzago.

However Vera is 3-3 losing to Sylivia, Wedrum and Jardine. Jardine is always going to test anyfighter especially during a debut at LH. Sylvia, was an bad loss, but Wedrum was on form. His wins? No one incredibly notable since debuting in the UFC.

Vera appears to have the most recent wins but against no-one. Couture has 2 losses against the best 2 in the UFC.

The only reason i can see Vera winning this match is because of more recent experience in the lightheavyweight division. Coutures age will draw him down but not enough. I expect Randy to win 29-28 decision, winning the first 2 rounds losing the last due to the age.

But thats stats and my opinion. Who do u guys think will win and why?

I went on to come 4th best on the picks for that event. Unlike others I have only got worse with picks...
11/26/11 12:21:59PM
It's good to see I've been consistently wrong over the years:

Posted by cowcatcher

Hendo has proven he can hang with anyone, but his chances of standing and trading with Wandy are nil

11/26/11 2:00:36PM
This topic was for UFC 74, it was actually my second post. My first was too damn embarrasing.

Posted by fedorwins1

Gonzaga takes it by dec. and I see Pierre getting a TKO.

ITS still all wierd for me,I am picking Gonzaga but he was involved
in the worst bout ever at ufc 56 against Jordan.It crazy when you think two years ahead,you dont think of James Irvin as the 205 lbs champ at ufc 95 but i guess any thing is possible
11/26/11 4:07:27PM
Mine was in a thread about the UFC's #1 prospect at the time. (2008)

The poll makes me laugh now. Can anyone spot the guys in the poll that don't belong?

Shane Carwin, Cain Velasquez, Rory Markham, or Nate Loughran.

My post was "I'm not sure he counts as a prospect but Demian Maia is pretty sick"

I was wrong as far as the thread title, but at least I didn't pick Nate or Rory!
11/26/11 4:25:43PM
In a thread "LAWLER VS NINJA N KRAZY HORSE VS JOE BOXER", basically a thread about who was most likely to win that weekend.

Posted by Kpro

When is Bennett going to change his nickname from Krazy Horse to The Defendant ?

11/27/11 12:58:24AM
I waited 6 months til I actually posted something. I don't understand my first post at all. It is complete nonsense. My second post was "Friends can't fight friends " referring to a poll on who anderson should fight next. FYI most people voted either Machida or Wandy.
11/27/11 2:21:35PM
Thread: Potential TUF Coaches. Who Would You Like To See?
Who started it: Emfleek
My comment:


Crocop .vs. Barry (Entertainment)
Lesnar .vs. Nelson (Entertainment)

Light Heavyweight:

Bader .vs. Jones (Interesting coaching styles/Contender match)
Liddell .vs. Griffin (Coach .vs. Student)


Sonnen .vs. Wanderlei Silva (Heated season/Negative emotions)
Leben .vs Belcher (Entertainment)


Swick .vs. Hardy (Interesting rematch/US .vs. UK)
Anthony Johnson .vs. Alves (Two biggest Welterweight strikers)


Penn .vs. Sanchez (Interesting coaching styles)
Edgar .vs. Griffin (Two smallest Lightweights)

Special WEC season:

Aldo .vs Faber! (REMATCH!)
11/27/11 8:46:56PM
Mine was in the Pride vs UFC thread

I'm a MMA fan. Don't care what it says on the letterhead, I just want to see entertaining fights
12/3/11 12:32:19PM
THREAD: Al Bundy a Black Belt in BJJ

Posted by Bubbles

dont forget he scored 4 touchdowns in one high school football game.

If Al Bundy were to actually start a religion based on his beliefs, i would join it in 0.0000000000005 seconds

wierd how i made this account in Oct 09 and my first post was in Feb 10. i also posted in the locker room before a news thread lol
12/3/11 11:06:42PM
Post #4 on topic: "Rad Martinez Signs With Bellator, Continuing Inspirational Journey"- "Having a family and kids is what most of us aim for and rad is no different, but what sets him apart is he is willing to forego that to care for his dad. Amazing story"
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