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11/7/07 4:51:08PM
The World Alliance Of Mixed Martial Arts, or WAMMA, MMA's first-ever sacntioning body, will launch next Wednesday in New York City. Several big names from MMA, boxing, and other fields will be in attendance, with Pat Miletich and Don Frye representing MMA.


This sounds like a great step forward for MMA in many aspects. Best of all, they've even got the catchy abbreviation already down!
11/7/07 4:57:17PM
Sounds like a great idea, but who is backing them up? I could get together with a bunch of my friends and make a sanctioning body, but it doesn't mean we could accomplish anything.
11/7/07 6:56:46PM
11/7/07 9:35:26PM
If this works out correctly it could be the largest news in MMA right now.
11/8/07 5:40:07AM
Wow.That's interesting.Can't wait to see what happens.
11/8/07 9:40:08AM
How come this isn't bigger news? Does it have the backing of the UFC? If not, they aren't going to do anything. It's kinda interesting that the two guys representing MMA (Miletich and Frye) are 2 former UFCers, but neither has any affiliation with the company now. Anyone else see this as a little shady?
11/8/07 11:25:47PM
This could be a great thing if only ALL the heads of UFC-Strikeforce-EliteXC-KOC...etc.. were in on it some how. But it could be a great start.
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