Just made my first MMA highlight video

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8/14/08 12:33:05PM
I made a highlight of Frank Mir(all 8 of his UFC submission victories) to the song It Ain't like That by Alice in Chains.

I think it's ok, but I could do better, be a friend and check it out(and maybe give me some feedback).

You can view it here:

Highlight on Youtube

or here

Highlight on MMAPlayground
8/14/08 1:48:49PM
that wasnt bad. i really didnt like the song at all, but it was still pretty good
8/14/08 5:37:34PM
It could have better music, but I did love the part when the guy got knocked out that was wearing all red (before the Brock Lesnar one). I swear, it seemed like he had no clue what he was doing .
8/14/08 6:43:56PM
Nice video, hope it lasts longer than the one I had on youtube!! 3 days untill Zuffa pulled it (copyright or something)....
8/14/08 8:12:52PM
Nice video, and yeah you could have chose better music though.
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