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2/2/11 8:37:03PM
First ameauter fight it was only 2 three minute rounds i won by decesion however my opponent thinks it should have been a draw tell me what you think im cory the one with a wrapped ankle and long hair round 1
2/4/11 2:46:21AM
looked pretty good. i can see why they gave you the decision, you controlled the ring more than he did and were more aggressive. try mixing up your punch combos, you pretty much just threw a 1-2 (jab-straight) every time, mix in some uppercuts, hooks, double jabs etc. it will keep your opponent guessing so he cant time you. if you constantly throw the same combo your opponent will have an easier time seeing it coming. also try to set up kicks with your punches instead of just throwing a single kick. great job though. props.
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