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POLL: First pride/ufc match?
Gomi vs GSP 9% (1)
Chuck vs Shogun 36% (4)
Chuck vs Wandy 27% (3)
Tito vs Wandy II 27% (3)
Anderson Silva vs Henderson 0% (0)
Randy vs Fedor 0% (0)
3/23/07 4:13:55PM
What will be the first match when the the two combine? And how long will it take to have the first match???
3/23/07 4:27:29PM
tough call but i dont see them pitting champ vs champ right away so tito vs wandy makes the most sense to me, both are well known and i think people who arent hardcore fans would tune in, of course those of us wo are hardcore fans would tune in no matter who it was
3/23/07 4:27:36PM
The first matches i think are going to be some of the lower fighters coming and going. A guy like Dennis Kang coming over or someone from UFC going over. Need some build up to the big boys.
3/23/07 4:30:33PM
Chuck/Shogun. I want that fight more than ANY other dream match past or present (with the possible exception of Rickson/Saku)

You didn't mention which one we thought would be first or which one we want to see first.

CC/Fedor 2 needs to be up there too
3/23/07 5:01:46PM
I think Liddell vs Wanderlei or Rua would be the most easily marketable so it seems that would be most likely, but Chuck is the UFC's star and I doubt that they want to risk adding a loss to his record. Anderson Silva vs Hendo would also seem likely since Henderson could be marketed as "never been knocked out" and Silva is a great striker. With all options considered, Liddell always bring the crowd so Liddell vs Rua.
3/23/07 5:04:03PM
if its the match i want to see its definately rua vs chuck, i just dont think we'll be so lucky in the first cross promo match
3/23/07 11:17:10PM
Granted im a Tito fan and i like Wandy. But that is a dream match that i want to see agian. Very marketable fight, both are coming off loses to big names. IMO its a great first fight for the two organizations. I also would love to see a fight like Hughes vs Gomi.
3/26/07 11:17:13AM
I went with Tito / Wandy as well... Just makes sense because they're both popular fighters coming off loses, etc...

But I would have taken Rua / Ortiz if it were up there... I think it'd be a great way to showcase Shogun / build him a fanbase... It's kinda mean to throw Tito to the dogs like that, but mehh...
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