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3/23/13 12:06:36PM
There’s an old saying in fight sports that goes something to the effect of: it’s not the wins in your career that define you; it’s the losses.

For former UFC heavyweight championJunior dos Santos, his dose of MMA reality came at the hands of Cain Velasquez at UFC 155 in December of last year. Since suffering his first defeat in the vaunted Octagon, dos Santos has had time to reflect on the stinging defeat to the Mexican-American bruiser, do some much needed soul searching, and refocus on his ultimate objective.

3/23/13 12:20:22PM
i think as long as cain stays 100% jds is going to have a hard time regaining the title with only a majority boxing strategy
3/23/13 12:28:48PM
If he's gonna have any chance against Cain outside of landing that one ko punch he's gonna have to work on his cardio. Cain has an extremely high motor and never stops. He wore Junior out and beat his ass.
3/23/13 1:24:33PM
It could just be me, but I think the first step is not taking guys lightly. I swear he left his hands too low and didn't give Cain the respect he should have. After that first big shot from Cain it all went downhill
3/23/13 2:33:37PM
i think cain dominating junior for 5 rounds was a bigger statement than if he would have KO'd him out. i think cain has juniors number and i dont think junior will ever have the belt as long as cain is there. on another note, i hope hunt KO's junior, that shit would be awesome.
3/24/13 3:49:51AM
I have this terrible feeling that Junior is going to go for the takedowns and subs in this fight
3/24/13 10:46:49AM
How cool would it be if the two did a fusion dance in the octagon, and then Hunto Dos Santos called out Velasquez?
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