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12/9/08 1:02:32AM
For those of you that have had fights before, what are some things that you found difficult that you didnt expect?

Also my coach was saying if I get caught in a clench I can put my arms around the other fighters waist and squeeze, drive forward and drop him on his back, can I pick them up and drop them when I do this?

My coach also tells me that I should do stand up and grappling matches seperately till I attempt to go pro in mma because of the chance of injuring yourself as an amatuer. Do you find this to be smart?

I have knockout power, strong take down defense, decent offensive jiu jitsu, good defense against submissions and chokes, and have always been good at ground and pound, my only problem is my cardio. Do you think that not doing amatuer mma for that reason is being overly cautious and that I may be taking opportunity away from myself.

Thank you
12/9/08 8:49:00AM
At my BJJ school my instructor just started us on a new Cardiio program he had Belfort email to him designed to push cardio and and re-enforce different BJJ skills. it was brutal.

you do need to push your cardio is true.. if this is your first competition beware of the adreline rush. It will gas you faster then anything. And as am Amature yea it is sometimes a good idea to do both seperately, though there is something to be said for doing amature MM acomps as well.. though if you trust your instructor follow his advice. that is probably the best advice I could give.
12/9/08 1:36:08PM
i do the KB and BBJ tournaments separate but i do mma.

it depends on you honestly , do both you have nothing to lose honestly
12/10/08 1:14:07AM
ok thanks for the response. I'll just listen to the guy and go in it when im a bit more experienced, thanks again
12/10/08 2:56:03PM
First thing you wont expect will be the intensity of the fight. Its completely different from sparring even those heated sessions tooo.

Dont lose your head in it all and if you find yourself getting frustrated in any way step it down a notch and focus on small combinations and lose the power.

Just a few things i do!
12/10/08 6:35:49PM
i dont no how good your fitness is but there's something called your threshold now in sparring you dont really get to that point but in a fight you will get gassed and the kicks will impact you alot more because your body wont be used to such intensity as someone above stated. and control the fight mate dont let him control it. oh and have FUN!!! buddy and good luck

But thats just me there are alot of more experienced fighters on here
12/12/08 4:03:26PM
Another thing!

Dont get drawn into a slug fest going punch for punch. All the novice fighters do it, if you assume that outworking someone will win you a fight your sometimes wrongg..

Much safer to play your game, move in and out throwing when you can land instead of getting caught into a trade off.

Also if you do happen to be in one of them, kick more than him. Kicks in them situations are what the judges will notice and assume your in control throwing what you choose.

Ask some more questions
12/19/08 6:56:50PM
Good luck tomorrow night. let us know how you do.. get some video if you can.
12/19/08 10:19:55PM
12/20/08 8:09:46PM
man how does a guy get banned in just 25 posts????

So are you back from your fight yet?????
12/20/08 8:11:56PM

Posted by The-Don

man how does a guy get banned in just 25 posts????

So are you back from your fight yet?????

12/24/08 1:04:56AM
hey guys I won the fight, unanimous (sp?) desicion..definitly need to work on my cardio lol..hopefully have a vid soon
12/24/08 1:48:30PM
Congrats.. can't wait to see it.
1/2/09 7:59:24AM
Video coming soon?
2/23/09 5:56:39PM
Hey guys, I'm a girl, looking to have my first kickboxing-muay thai fight in June. It's an amatuer fight and more like a kickboxing match, but knees are allowed. Full head gear, shin pads, and chest protector(BLAH). Anyhow, one of you said that the kicks are much worse in the match because of being gassed and all of that. I was wondering though, I spar with a guy that's 190 (I'm 140, fighting at 120), so do you think another female's kicks will be any worse than his? I just don't see her having as much power. I never spar with girls, we don't have any. Us girls are really in a unique situation with MMA and the whole bit. Most of us train with guys only. So it's hard to tell whether or not another girl's power will equal that of my sparring partner, in a match. Any views on this?
2/27/09 1:52:21AM

Posted by Mattchoo

Video coming soon?

Lets see some video.
3/1/09 5:26:59PM
3/2/09 7:06:29PM
i cant figure out how to put it on guys sorry : /
3/3/09 2:23:46AM
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3/3/09 11:52:03AM

Posted by justsaygo

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You cant embed videos on this site.
Just put it on youtube and put a link.
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