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2/26/12 1:57:51AM
the japanese guys including Rampage :P didnt fare to well.....kinda sad for them.

was really impressed with Henderson's striking game.

mark hunt looked good..

i thought shields may have been given a gift.

Anthony Pettis, and Vaughn Lee looked good. really interesting card.

2/26/12 2:11:08AM
rampage looked off his game, but bader looked really good. awesome slam by rampage though.

Henderson is the man, frankie's face told the story, still a solid fight.

mark hunt is still a badass.

pettis and henderson need to fight again.

shields further reminded me why i dont like watching him fight. akiyama screwed the pooch by not pushing the pace.

never count "The Barbarian" out, that fight will haunt yushin okami forever.

2/26/12 2:22:13AM
- great slam, but you could he wasn't himself. not taking anything away from Bader though

- great fight, tough decision, looked really good

-Didn't look great needs hit his takedowns for sure

Fans saying Edgar got robbed, left a bad taste... But overall I think 144 was the best card in a while.
2/26/12 2:39:27AM
Some fights were awesome, but there were other fights that made me want to rip my hair out, because I can't stand watching fighters with terrible gameplans. Kongo comes to mind. He has the Jorge Gurgel tough-guy syndrome, and I hate watching that, because I end up screaming at my TV "GO FOR A TD YOU !@#%$!%^!!!" or "THOW SOME !@%!^$## PUNCHES" <---(Rampage)

Boetsch's comeback was crazy, main event was a great fight, painful listening to Rogan talk about how great the round was for akiyama when he landed 8 strikes and Shields landed nearly 40, painful seeing Kid lose to everyone, Lee was impressive, but kid was one of my favourites for a long time.

It was a mixed bag for me. There were some awesome comebacks and upsets, but there were also some terrible terrible gameplans and performances that were frustrating to see.
2/26/12 10:38:57AM
Sexyama has now been submitted by Leben and out-boxed by Shields.


I thought Shields clearly won.

Edgar/Henderson was an awesome fight and I'd watch those two in a rematch any time.

The Barbarian totally hulked-out on Okami, and it was awesome!

Cariaso was given a gift decision, imo. I did not think he was even close to winning that fight (haven't rewatched it)
2/26/12 10:44:31AM
Mixed emotions after last night. Got my butt kicked on picks. Was upset kid lost. More when okami lost. And went crazy when frankie lost
2/26/12 2:01:39PM
- I'm pretty bummed that Frankie lost but Bendo showed he deserves to be in there fighting for the title and that he'll make a great champ. The audio from his corner in between rounds 4 and 5 is what really impressed me about Bendo. He was determined and he responded excellently to his corner.

- Rampage needs to get motivated or leave the sport. One of the two. I'm a big fan of Pride and Rampage but for all the talk of needing to be on this card he really disappointed. Even if it's mostly because of an injury. Bader however is back on the right track after the Jones/Ortiz rough patch. He looked strong and finally worthy of his hype

- Okami looked improved but at the same time I had this sick feeling in my gut the entire fight. Then he got ktfo and it all made sense. I'm not sure he took Tim lightly or if he just lost all confidence when he was clipped in the 3rd. Either way, he's going to suffer from this greatly. In my opinion Boetsch would be at his best in shape in the Welterweight division. Just my opinion. He has power and pretty decent wrestling but he's going to be outsized quite a bit.

- Mark Hunt is the shit. 8-7 yet on a 3 fight win streak in the UFC. He's on a great run and I'd love to see him reach the top. Kongo however is streaky as all hell.

- Shields won the fight but I barely paid any attention to the fight in general so I can't really comment on it too much.

- Hioki looked 10 times better when he didn't have to make the trip to the states. Let's see Hioki vs. Aldo in Japan. That would be so awesome.

- PETTIS! I had him winning by submission in the 2nd so that was pretty surprising. Beautiful technique with the head kick. And who can say they've knocked Joe Lauzon out in the 1st round? No one, that's who. Great win that should lead him to a title shot or at the very least, the top of the division.

- Gomi didn't look good. I picked against him but I didn't expect he'd get outstuck like he did in the 1st. I was so sad to see Mitsuoka gas so bad. So close to my parlay that would have paid off huge

- The Fukuda fight went exactly as expected. Cantwell needs to be cut. 7-6, on a 5 fight losing streak. This isn't rocket science. Rogan was hyping him way too much during the fight, he really didn't do much.

- Kid! Where the fuck were the body shots during that flurry!? Incorporate a body shot every other or every third shot and Lee would have been finished. He was wide open for them and was blocking most of the head punches until Kid couldn't keep it up anymore. I haven't screamed at the tv like that in a long time. So frustrating. Lee looked pretty good though. This is a big win for him. I don't see him going very far though.

- Mizugaki was robbed pretty badly in that fight. I scored it in his favour 30-27. What the fuck were the judges watching? It wasn't even a split. A unanimous decision of crap

- Glad to see Tamura win. I didn't think he'd be able to knock him out but god damn that punch was HUGE. KTFO. Zhang was overrated since he got to Zuffa I hate to say it. All he has is an average guillotine choke that can be avoided by wrestlers who know to transition to side control/half guard.
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