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12/2/08 1:33:40PM
i just finished making my first mma highlight video. most of it is serious with the exception of a couple of clips. you might recognize a lot of the clips if you've looked at the mma GIF thread

let me know what you guys think LINK

also, the song is "survival" which was written and performed by my brother, uncle, and some other dude
12/2/08 7:09:24PM
i enjoyed it very well done i like the amount of funny shit alot but it was still mostly serious very nice. also seemed liked how you went back and added the crucifix in with the new
12/2/08 7:15:01PM
haha thats awesome brother i really enjoyed it are u going to be making another one. very well done some funny bits to.
12/2/08 7:30:38PM
i dont know if i'll be making another one any time soon. i was at home sick today so i decided to make it to kill time

sure killed time alright

EDIT: BTW, thanks for the comments
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