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2/10/11 8:47:17PM
I have been riding motorcycles of any kind since i was young. I started riding street bikes when i turned 18 and could get a loan without parent consent!! I have been tooling around for 10 yrs on Kawasaki's and Suzuki's. I finnaly sold my 06" Boulevard S83 and used the money for the DP on my first Harley. A 1995 Fatboy with apehanger handle bars and a custom flame paint job! I got the bike home today and am so stoked that I had to post somthing about it! I cant wait for the weather to break here in NW PA so I can Ride my new bitch!!pics of my new bike
2/10/11 10:08:34PM
That's absolutely cherry, bro. Congratulations. I can only imagine how stoked you are.
2/11/11 12:20:39AM

Posted by BustedKnuckle

A 1995 Fatboy with apehanger handle bars and a custom flame paint job!

if you change the paint job to flat black (no clear coat) you would describe my dream harley. but congrats on the new bike
2/11/11 12:41:39AM
Props bro. Got my first HD (first bike actually) last year. 1200 Sporty. It didn't take long for me to want more though. After the tax return I'm getting a street glide. This long winter's been kicking my ass, but I've been itching for some saddle time lately.

Congrats for sure.

Spring cannot get here fast enough.
2/12/11 3:56:45PM
Thats awesome man. I work at a Harley shop so we are getting people into their dream bikes everyday and Harley owners are so cool to deal with. Im up here in Alberta, Canada so we have at least another month before riding season but i cant wait to see the Haleys rollin around again.
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