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8/17/08 8:52:16PM



8/17/08 10:01:22PM

How old are you, and whats your weight..
8/17/08 10:14:35PM
14 and about 90lbs
8/17/08 11:16:43PM
try naga or grapplers quest =)

sick full mount triangle =)
8/18/08 9:12:19AM
good job for ur first tournament dude!

and for all u lazy people

Fight 1

Fight 2

Fight 3
8/18/08 9:34:13AM
Good job

I think you looked very good. The last guy you faced seemed quite a bit bigger (and probably older). I like the way you fought for position, held it, and then worked for the sub the guy gave you in the first two matches.

There isn't a whole lot I see wrong, but just to give you something to work on I think you're standing wrestling stance is a bit too erect/straight. The first and the third guy both got "under" you and took you down because of that even though the last guy was taller.
8/18/08 10:54:01AM
That was great. Congrats. How long have you been training? Oh and thanks for sharing.
8/18/08 4:05:41PM
like 2 are 3 months
8/18/08 5:20:31PM
nice work your 1st fight was nice tri from mount

2nd one nice armbar, but try to get the leg that goes on the face first, it sucks when they popped the head out

3rd was a lil out matched imo, he was a lot bigger and idk how old he was but you did good, if you get a rematch with that kid you can beat him, his shoot was very bad and his hands are out nice work i will see if i can get some of my videos up so we can share moves a lil
8/18/08 5:50:05PM
yea the last guy i faced was one of my training partners and he placed 2nd at naga
8/19/08 9:46:41PM
Fight 1: You looked a little shaky in the clinch portion. Work on your pummeling and your movement in clinch, as the guy was moving you around fairly easily. You had great leg work off your back, and the triangle from mount was great. A technique I use from the mount triangle is to wedge your forearm agaist the tricep of the trapped arm, push through to hold the back of the guys neck, and push your elbow down. It makes the hold tighter and don't upset your balance quite so much. Granted, most guys will tap to a mount triangle fairly quickly, but being as you're a slightly built guy, you might run into guys who won't and can still put up a fight, attempt to roll you, etc.

Fight 2: Excellent fight. Don't really have much to add to this, except that your takedown was less than stellar, but I'm sure you probably knew that. Work on your range when shooting doubles so you don't have that staggering effect, because that can get turned on you fairly quick if someone had a judo background or knows a basic wrestling over-under. Also, a tip for breaking someones grip when holding your torso in mount is to splay your knees and hips out, similar if you were working a guard pass against someone with short legs. It keeps you from having to shift your weight off the sternum or being distracted, like when you turned to break the grip. You looked like you have good weight distribution in mount, so I wouldn't sweat it too bad, but I like a very conservative top game and little things like this help you hold position.

Fight 3: Obviously this guy was way out of your weight class, and you did well from what I could see (the ref didn't help by standing in the way though hehehe). Against a guy that much bigger than you, using a forklift to stop him would help, or at least make him waste more energy for the takedown. As for your game off the back, you didn't use leg movement like last time to reestablish postion and the guy basically had his way with you there. When he front choked you (at least thats what it looked like he did to sub you), he pushed all his weight forward. If you can hold one of your legs over the ankle of the near leg and bridge straight up, a lot of times you can roll someone when they have their weight that far forward. With some chokes, that doesn't get you out of danger totally, but it will take some of the pressure off and leaves you in a better postion.

I know you're new to this and you did great, so keep training and putting up videos bro!
8/20/08 8:04:35AM
thanks man
8/20/08 3:03:09PM
Great job. Add some top notch striking to that and you may have a future in mma.
8/20/08 3:33:14PM
it sucks to vs someone outta ur weight classes happened to me recently, i cut12- 15 lbs to drop into the 159 division i ended grappling against a dude who was 195, little did i know that it was an open weight tournament, lost my 1st match by points the guy passed my guard once and i never got my 4 points for mount so i get screwed i ended in 3rd i won Via triangle..

but yah vs people outta your weight classes suck but u did really good =)

go for grapplers quest October 18 =) ill be there
8/20/08 5:05:32PM
the last match he taped me with a keylock
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