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10/19/07 12:04:58PM
So, last week or so I saw a flyer for a grappling event in Biddeford, Maine. At first I was like "Maine? F*** that shit".. but my buddy talked me into registering for the beginers no-gi divison.. so i get all the paper work for it last week and started to fill it out, ill be going as a beginer in the super heavy weight class..which i don't want to be in at all but i don't want to try to lose the 15-20# to make it in heavyweight and fail. so im sticking with it, its next saturday (the 27th) and i have no idea what to expect other then guys who are much bigger then me and a minimum of 4 matches.

has anyone else done an event like this before? how did you prepare for it the week prior to it?
10/19/07 12:51:06PM
super HW you should work on or duck unders, try not to get on bottom. go as hard as you can and try to get points, some times you cant get a sub. on the guy you are going with so you need those points.

good luck and have fun that is the biggest thing
10/19/07 1:07:40PM
My advice for your first tourney is to walk onto the scale and fight at whatever weight it shows. You're there for the experience to see whether this is something you want to do more often, so you don't need to add the stress of making a substantial weight cut on top of it.

SHW tends to be one of the least competitive divisions in these things anyways. Most guys who work out hard on a regular basis aren't that big so there's typically fewer participants and some of them may not have been training very long (a politie way of saying fat).

One piece of advice is to bring an Ipod or a book because these things are often run sloppily as far as time goes and you may be waiting a long time for your first match.
10/19/07 1:41:37PM
yea they said that i don't have to be there until 1:30 thats when the no-gi part starts, but im getting there early to watch the pro divisions and everything, I know im going to stick with my training and what not and my overall goal is to drop to 205 which i can do seeing as when i was in highschool i wrestled 215 and only wighed about 189-190 but haven't done anything since then so i put on a ton of weight and was sitting around 260 before i started training and worked down to 240 in 3 months. the huge weight cut would've been really hard on me i think, my buddy said it shouldn't be a problem seeing as in highschool he use to drop from 170 to 145 for wrestling, it sucked though because no one on the team would eat, they would come into school wearing trashbags under their pants and what not hoping they could make weight. i never had to worry about that thank god.
10/20/07 2:50:00AM
I wish I knew about this beforehand. I might have taken the day off work to get my arms broken in Maine.
10/29/07 8:42:35AM
Yea, so it didn't go all to well for me, lost both my matches from chokes, there was only a minute left in the round in my first match but i blacked out, and i took the guy down in the 2nd match right into a choke and it was in deep. if i had told my trainer that i was doing this sooner he would've been able to come up and coach me, but it was kind of last minute and my buddy whos a good wrestler came instead, the first guys trainer was The Irish Hand Grenade... so my buddy couldn't really help me out against him seeing as he knows little to no ju-jitsu and Davis would just yell out counters to everything he would tell me to do.
10/29/07 9:16:34AM
Now you've got the experience. If it was just a matter of wanting to do better then you've got something to train harder for. If you didn't like the tournament pressure then its something you can avoid.

Good job on stepping up and competing either way--most people won't do that.
10/29/07 9:56:05AM
I plan on going again, theres another one nov. 10th, which doesn't leave me much time to try and drop some weight before then but at least ill get some training in. I weighed in at 240 making me the smallest super heavyweight there which wasn't as big a disadvantage as I thought it might be. hopefully i can drop enough weight by the next one to make Heavyweight.
10/29/07 3:19:53PM
Sounds like you've been bitten by the bug man! Best of luck at the next one you go to, and train hard and have lots of fun. Keep it up and you'll only get better and come to enjoy it even more.
10/30/07 4:36:19AM
Good job bro! Doesn't matter that you lost, just so long as you stepped up.

Do you know if that comp pays? I'd like to go, but Bittefords a bit of a drive if theres no chance I could walk way with some dollars.
10/30/07 7:06:51AM
I know the pro division pays, someone left with a big cardboard check for $1000. The next one isn't in Biddeford its in Sudbury MA, Dragonlair BJJ is hosting this one at the highschool. check it out at Dragon Lair BJJ
10/30/07 1:35:03PM
bring some bananas to the tourney.
10/31/07 3:38:32AM
Crap, I can't go to Sudbury on account of pissing off the chief of police there. Long story.
11/16/07 12:29:23AM

Posted by Svartorm

Crap, I can't go to Sudbury on account of pissing off the chief of police there. Long story.

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