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5/16/08 6:35:45PM
For the first time in U.S. mixed-martial-arts history, a female fighter has tested positive for steroids.

Carina Damm, who recently defeated Sophie Bagherdai at an April 3 Fatal Femmes Fighting event, tested positive for elevated levels of Nandrolone, an anabolic steroid that develops naturally in the human body.

However, according to the California State Athletic Commission's Bill Douglas, Damm came in at 37.9 ng/mL, which far exceeded the 2 ng/mL threshold, after being tested at the Los Angeles event.

Douglas today submitted the results via email.

Damm (9-3), a four-year fight veteran who recently signed a three-fight contract with Elite Xtreme Combat, has been suspended one year (through April 2, 2009) and fined $2,500. She's the first U.S. female fighter to fail a test due to steroids, though she can request an appeal of the suspension.

The Brazilian was riding a four-fight win streak and was scheduled to next fight Debi Purcell at a June 27 ShoXC event.

5/16/08 9:18:23PM
5/16/08 9:37:10PM
Ya that sucks
5/16/08 9:50:55PM
reminds me of doge ball, troop 117 has been disqualified, for it seems one of thier players tested positive for a low grade beaver tranquilizer
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