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4/5/12 6:17:16PM
I'm going to the UFC on Fox 3 show next month just was wondering if anyone knows when the prelim fights start? My ticket says it starts at 4pm and I know it starts on fox at 8 does it really start 4 hours before that? Just want to makesure I get there and get to see all the fights. Also wondering if anyone recomends getting there even earlier then 4?
4/5/12 6:31:45PM
My guess is 5:30 or somewhere around there
4/5/12 6:59:17PM
in my experience, there shouldnt be much of a line getting there that early.

if you intend to souvenir hunt, maybe look for autograph booths & wait in those lines, you might need to get there when the doors open.
4/5/12 10:27:46PM
Get there early like 2. The Ufc octagon nation will be outside with fighters inside signing autographs
4/6/12 12:02:01AM
Here's what I have learned so far: membership does work to get you into things before other people like the Weigh in's and octagon nation. BUT you have to be a member and furthermore you have to RSVP from within the site.

Secondly, when at the event they sell those pre-tuned UFC radio's that let you hear Rogan and Goldberg. If you don't get one the silence during the fights sometimes is eeerie ... threw me way off.

I would do as Proz said and go even earlier to meet some fighters.
4/17/12 1:33:23PM
How much are those radios
4/17/12 9:41:24PM

Posted by blb8698

How much are those radios

I wanna say 10 to 15 bucks
1/8/13 6:31:11AM

Posted by vacationsmma

Actually I have just registered in the upcoming UFC 157 PLAYER CHALLENGE which is organised by MMAVACATIONS, and it will my first UFC event.

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