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3/8/12 5:00:02PM
UFC featherweight Erik Koch talks about the lessons learned from the first loss of his career against Chad Mendes back in 2010.

My First Defeat: Erik Koch
3/8/12 5:52:05PM
sErik Koch is a BEAST! & hes ONLY 23
Losing to Chad Mendes is nothing to be ashamed of

Hope to see more of these first loss stories real cool
3/9/12 2:02:25AM
i like koch, i think hes got a ton of potential and has always put on great fights. ill be rooting for him
3/9/12 7:23:49PM
Koch was interviewed by gartface and BlueSkiesBurn on the MMA@Work (powered by MMAPlayground) podcast last week. If you're a fan, check it out!
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