Which Came First? The Chicken Or The Egg?

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8/22/11 1:36:58AM
British scientists believe they have cracked the answer to one of the most enduring riddles of all time.

According to researchers it was the chicken that came first because a protein required for the formation of an egg can only be found inside the chicken's ovaries. "It had long been suspected that the egg came first but now we have the scientific proof that shows that in fact the chicken came first," said Dr. Colin Freeman.


8/22/11 4:40:12AM
8/23/11 5:17:49PM
Half and Half. Chicken body with egg head......
8/23/11 5:25:36PM

Posted by Theoutlaw08

Half and Half. Chicken body with egg head......

A chegg?
8/23/11 5:48:15PM
If we were to examine how life would have began, the most plausible explanation would be the true form of a species existed first. I find it difficult to believe eggs or larvae came into existence first and then the hatchlings developed and matured into the adult forms.

In biology, we all learned many microscopic organisms undergo mitosis (cell division) vs impregnation followed by birth. And being that it is most likely life began in the form of microscopic organisms, the answer to this riddle would most likely be 'the chicken came first.'
8/23/11 6:02:39PM
Chicken teriyaki did, duh
8/24/11 3:20:46AM
I always answer this question with

"the egg, because dinosaurs were laying eggs before chickens existed!"

What? You didn't say the CHICKEN EGG.
8/24/11 8:51:42AM
Bacon came first.
8/24/11 3:57:28PM
The chicken and the egg are in the bed together. They come out from under the covers. The egg lights up a cigarette. The chicken rolls over and says "well now we know"
8/25/11 4:11:37PM
Ah HA! But who put the chicken there!?!

These are the kinds of questions people don't think to ask!
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