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8/9/12 1:08:24PM
just a question to everyone what was your first big life decision?

I randomly bring up this question because right now I believe I am making a big decision in, instead of going for my bachelor's, because I didn't want to be $80,000 in debt right away, I am instead pursuing my associate's and hopefully going into law enforcement right away when I hit 21 years of age.

So I figured I would rather be close to $30,000 in debt(I went to a university for 1 year) instead of $80,000. Plus I did research and saw that associate's and bachelor's degree for law enforcement won't be that big of a difference and if it does in the future then I could work on earning my bachelor's while working.
8/9/12 1:19:04PM
Deciding what I wanted to go to college for was probably the first big decision I made. I decided to go for computer networking at a community college, and get an A.S. degree. Wish I would have taken it more seriously at the time. I didn't really persue a job after I graduated, and ended up doing contruction for a few years after. It wasn't until I was 25 that I decided to go back to college for something else. So glad I did. Sucks my career didn't start until I was 30, but going back to college was the best decision I made.
8/9/12 1:33:14PM
Deciding on a College (already knew what my major would be) and I guess narrowing my major down further to decide on grad school. Almost everything has been in a straight line for me.
8/9/12 1:54:46PM
At first it was what school to go to, based on if I wanted to play baseball or not. Then my GF got pregnant and the decision was made for me, had to stay home without playing. Even though my high school football coach was the baseball coach at UW-Milwaukee, I didn't make the team at tryouts, but I went there anyway so I could stay home with my family. I wasn't D-1 material. He had set me up with Coe College in IA to play ball though, so I felt like an ass having to turn it down after the fact.
8/9/12 2:08:38PM
My friend completed the police academy like 5-6 months but still hasn't found a job yet. He does know a few cops in a small city, where he lives in but he's still waiting for an opening. Also, he works for that city but still no luck yet.

My suggestion is to make some contacts with different police departments around your city. B/c a lot of people are going for police officers.

Btw My friend said the same thing we he was going to work as a police officer and pay for college for a BS engineering degree but he change his mind and is now looking for a career as a cop.

Hope this little info helps a bit and Good Luck
8/9/12 2:15:53PM
My Big life decision:

I'm thinking about joining the Air Force once I gradate with BS in Finance. With the economy and a lot of people (who have more work experience than I do) lost their jobs and looking for jobs. I figure in oder to compete, joining the Air Force may be the best decision to make. Not only will I gain experience but also get paid atleast 3k a month and become an Officer once I complete basic training.
8/9/12 2:24:36PM
Deciding NOT to pursue professional wrestling as a career. Was wrestling locally and wanted to go to a legit school for it, but decided against it at the last minute. It was all I really ever wanted to do with my life, so I was lost for awhile, but eventually found my way into restaurants, which panned out. Sometimes your first big decision is deciding against something.
8/9/12 3:05:14PM
My first big life decision was probably deciding not to flip houses. Back in 2003, I had just graduated. Didn't know what I wanted to do. I had done so much in so many fields, I didn't think I needed college. I was networking T1's for convention centers, doing punch down panels and hard wiring offices, etc. I had been working since I was 13, and had saved a lot.

I got approved for a house, but didn't end up buying. I dont know if its because I didn't want roommates or just not wanting to wait two years (for tax purposes) to sell... but I didn't do it. After those two years, I saw a $150,000 profit go out the window. However, if I did get into it, I probably would have just reinvested my money in the next property and been fucked when the market started to crash. (06-08)

It's funny how life works out
8/9/12 3:13:58PM
Deciding what to take in College for sure. I made the wrong choice at first and lost a few thousand but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction now.
8/9/12 3:20:56PM
My decision was either going to college and playing football or getting a job to set up my future. So I skipped the chance the play college football. Had a few offers as a walk on and instead got a job as a police intern, which set me up for the academy didn't even work out after 2 years because I quit. That decision put me where I am today, a compliance specialist at a company that makes airplane parts. In the long run I am happy with that tough decision because I am happily married and if I would have went to school to play football somewhere I wouldn't met my wife.
8/9/12 3:55:43PM
#1 joining the Marine Corps on my 19th birthday 8 years ago.

#2 buying two rental houses with all the money i saved while in the military.
8/9/12 5:03:57PM
My first big life decision was deciding to go to college after I got robbed at knifepoint. Scared me so bad that I didn't wanna keep doing the shit I was doing. Selling Bud, quiting jobs every other week, treating my family like shit. That was 8 years ago but I'm proud of where I'm at. After getting robbed I worked graveyard at night and went to school full time. Just my local C.C. (Clackamas Community College) to get my associates in General Studies but them it switched to me wanting something specific. Major in History and minor in Philosophy. I don't work in a field for either but it does gel good to do a 180 and succeed. I've always strives for more knowledge as ignorance is my biggest fear. That's probably because I had a hard time as a kid with not understanding things and having a hard time reading. When I got out of High School I got interested in History and great thinkers I got tested upon entry into college and my reading and comprehension were both about the 96th percentile. Once in College, I was able to get a teacher that cared so much about her students. She opened my eyes to so many good books. "up from Slavery" by Booker T. Washington, "Last exit to Brooklyn" by Hubert Selby, "Dante's Divine Comedy" and so many more. I know this was off topic so I apologize
8/9/12 5:22:22PM
deciding to actually take college seriously. it took me 4 years to take it seriously. it's taken me another 4 to finish. better late than never i guess
8/9/12 6:32:48PM
Not to continue with Culinary Arts in college. After being in cooking for 10 years prior, I didnt have the passion for it anymore at that time.
8/9/12 7:04:21PM
Heavy topic.

The first big life decision was probably when i had to decide how much i was willing to change my life to help support my autistic sister. The second was Cookie Crisp or Apple Jacks.
8/9/12 7:15:09PM

Posted by Pookie

Heavy topic.

The first big life decision was probably when i had to decide how much i was willing to change my life to help support my autistic sister. The second was Cookie Crisp or Apple Jacks.

Mad respect Pookie, my little brother is also autistic
8/9/12 7:26:43PM

Posted by Pookie

Heavy topic.

The first big life decision was probably when i had to decide how much i was willing to change my life to help support my autistic sister. The second was Cookie Crisp or Apple Jacks.

Cookie Crisp ftw! (although I have never had apple jacks)
8/9/12 7:36:11PM
Biggest decision for me was getting my life back on track. Got into heavy drugs and alcoholism from an early age, vandalism (graffiti), fighting and more. I realized where I was headed and cut it all out, started hanging out with different friends. I have my wife to thank mostly, I don't know if would have kept at it without her.

Now I have an awesome life
8/9/12 8:00:17PM
My biggest decision was whether or not buy my ex-gf's house she lived in with her grandma. Her Gram has been living there for 30+ years at the time, my ex lived there all her life. So when the opportunity came up to buy it for on 25k, we jumped on it. The previous homeowner bought the house for his son to live, so once his son moved out he was looking to just dump it, and gave us the 1st crack at it. Like a dumbass I didn't put my name on the title when we bought it, mainly because she had a friend of her family loan the money, so we didn't have to do the whole bank thing. I myself but around 5-10K in it, out of my own pocket, needless to say when we broke up, I told her not to worry about settling the whole house thing until it was paid off, which would have been around a year after. Wrong move, because she ended up telling a friend of mine a while after that "I better not hope, I think I'm owed any money, because we never had an agreement". She is damn lucky her Grandma was such a nice lady and has lived there most of her life, or else I would have fucked with that house a little at a time, or just paid a crack head $50 bucks to light a match to it. I personally would have just been happy with the money I put into the house, to be honest, since I never lived there, wasn't like I was actually paying the loan back. To even show more how shady she is, she had someone living upstairs(it's a double) and didn't charge them rent, I guess they were supposed to fix things, but was/is still charging her Gram rent.
8/9/12 8:29:20PM

Posted by Shawn91111

Not to continue with Culinary Arts in college. After being in cooking for 10 years prior, I didnt have the passion for it anymore at that time.

Good call. The industry will eat you alive if you don't care anymore, especially if you run/own a place.
8/10/12 10:53:14AM
Mine was deciding to volunteer to get up on stage with an oriental dominatrix at a live sex show in Amsterdam, let her put a leather dog collar and lead on me, whip me, make me bark and pretend to piss up a tree.

What happens in the Dam, stays in the Dam.....

Unless your on the MMAPG forums
8/10/12 1:35:57PM
Mine was a massive life overhaul.....quit smoking/drinking joined the Corps and got thing I ever done.
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