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11/11/07 6:06:42PM
hey guys, im going to my first ufc (the one in new jersey) and im just wondering from peoples past experience, what its like going there? like if i go early will there be stuff to do? do the fighters who aren't fighting walk around and chat? do they do the whole meet and greet thing? ive heard a lot but have no idea, if i should be there early?

thanks a lot
11/11/07 8:28:47PM
Well, good for you. I'm going to try and go to my first UFC in March when they come back to Columbus. I didn't get to go last year, because I was fresh outta cash, but I'm saving up this year (college life sucks). But maybe I can get some free tix from my boy Matt B at CPC Movies.

I've been to some smaller shows like Ohio Fight Fest, and all of the fighters are extremely good with the fans. I'm not sure if this translates to the big leagues, but from everything I've heard, it does. Hope you have a great time. Should be a pretty good card. With three LW fights, get ready to get outta your seat.
11/11/07 8:55:59PM
that's going to be awesome to go to
11/11/07 10:23:43PM
I only went to one (the one in Columbus, OH where Randy beat Sylvia). I got there the day of the event, but I've heard that it's usually possible to meet fighters in the days leading up to them if that's what you want to do.

I would definitley get there on time. I was used to small shows and boxing events where the start time was almost always delayed. The place was packed and they started the fights right on time--I missed a bit of the first one getting a beer.

The fighters who were attending the events were definitely accessible. You could tell some guys (Shonie Carter for example) really loved to talk to everyone and other guys were more reserved. Your biggest problem in talking to them will be pushing through the swarm of other fans that follow them everywhere.

I guess every arena is going to be different, but I had ground floor seats and still ended up looking at the monitors most of the time. In other words, your view from anywhere but right against the octagon doesn't really matter because the camera angles for TV are almost always better.

Like smaller shows I've gone to, the people next to me talked my ear off before/between the first fights about how knowledgable they were but didn't know much. If you let on that you know something about the sport they'll ask you about what happened in every round. If you want to be left alone just nod your head and go along with whatever they say.

The UFC runs a great event. It really comes across as a big deal and its very precisely run.

Have fun, bro. Don't boo when they go to the ground
11/13/07 6:55:12AM
If you are there the day before, you can attend the weigh-ins...there should be some fighters signing autographs before that. I just went to 77 in Cinci and we did all of the Friday stuff. The times for things will depend on whether you are part of the UFC Fight Club. We joined the Fight Club so we could get advanced tickets...and there are actually some advantages to it. You get first dibs at the autograph session. You get to attend a Q&A that is just for the Club Members...which consists of Dana and one of the fighters answering the crowds questions. You are the first seated at the weigh-ins. Oh yeah, and you get a free event poster. If you happen to see the guy selling programs and you want to buy one, do it here...or else you have to carry it around at the event, which kind of sucks.

If you have floor seats, you have better chances at meeting fighters at the event. Of coarse thats where their seats will be, so it only makes sense. If you don't have floor seats, you won't be allowed down on the floor, so the chances of running into someone are not nearly as good. Every fighter that we met was really nice and didn't mind taken pictures and what not. I would just suggest asking them between the action.

There will probably be bars/nightclubs that are throwing parties. On the night before, we went to a bar that had a bunch of fighters attending...as well as people like BJM and Goldy. If there will be after parties for any of the fighters, they are usually not afraid to let you know all about it in their post-fight interview.

If you are around town for the weekend, you will probably run into at least a couple of fighters out and about. We saw a couple just walking down the street near the shopping district. A couple were staying at our hotel. And for some reason, where ever we went, we ended up seeing Florian...whether it was the bar, the street, or the food court.

My advice would be to show up at everything early. Oh, and if you have an Affliction shirt and you think you'd be unique if you wore it, you will be sorely mistaken.
11/13/07 12:23:19PM
grappler0000 has the best advice so far....

Also the best thing you can do is find out where the fighters are staying. In Cincy for UFC 77 I knew they were staying at the Westin a few days before the event and even though I wasn't staying there I dropped by a few times throughout the day on the day before the fights as well as the day of and meet most of the fighters that way.
Its better to meet them at the hotel for many reasons.
#1) You dont have to stand in long lines
#2) You can get pictures with them, at Autograph signings you cant and good luck grabbing them at the arena.
#3) We were in and out of the hotel in less then 15 minutes and had our pictures taken with 6 different fighters.

They had the fighters stationed throughout the lobby and downstairs at the hotel to make it easier to go from one to another. I knew we made a good choice to stop by there when we seen Dana White was playing doorman and greeting people as they came into the door of the hotel.
11/13/07 8:14:48PM
its hella cool to go to a UFC event...
go to the weigh-ins and get some autographs,
they have fighters there signing autographs,
at the event if you are close to the octagon
you can get pics with fighters, I have been to 2
11/14/07 9:35:48AM
thanks guys, i wish i could get there a day early, but i have work friday night. it sounds great. and fyi, i don't own an affliction t-shirt, nore do i plan to. and im also a huge fan of ground fighting... so no booing here.
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