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4/6/07 10:38:54PM
at the weigh ins diego and koscheck nearly started a brawl right there

you can see the video at
4/6/07 11:16:24PM
Looked like poor sportsmanship on Diego's part to me.
4/6/07 11:32:24PM
Yeah, I watched it live and was surprised Diego did that. It has now turned from childish shots at each other on the internet to complete disrespect for the other. It was very poor sportsmanship on Diego's part but at least Koscheck didn't take it over the top. I now have more respect for Koscheck.
4/6/07 11:49:14PM
either poor sportsmanship,or a smart gameplan.....looks to me like he really wants Koscheck to stand with i think Diego is mentally tougher and that much emotions and adrenaline in front of 20.000 people is harsh on your conditioning...regardless of your conditioning in training

i have a feeling Diego will KO him in the 1st with a knee....but im still gonna pick Diego for UD in my "event picks"
4/6/07 11:57:20PM
Man I can't wait for this fight, they didn't need all this drama to sell this one... everyone was already hyped for it. Interesting to see how all the added emotion helps each fighter.
4/7/07 12:09:57AM
Where can I find the full video of all the weigh-ins?
4/7/07 12:12:27AM
4/7/07 12:35:02AM

I thaugt Koscheck was going to fall off the stage and break his leg or something. Koscheck throws a hard overhand right, but he throws it wildly. If he chooses do stand with Diego he will get KO.
4/7/07 1:37:21AM
Diego looked in better shape than ever....and Koscheck looked scared..

i hope Diego wins since i picked him to win on this site,but if it wasnt for that i really dont care who wins.....i just respect the winner(as a fighter at least..)
4/7/07 1:55:26AM

Posted by fugitive

Looked like poor sportsmanship on Diego's part to me.

Yeah it sure was. I think Kos has got in his head. But I wan't Diego to win since I bet on him, and am not a real big fan of Koschek.
4/7/07 2:23:11AM
It was Sanchez building the fight up with his usual antics... Is it me or does Sanchez look a bit like Justin Timberlake?
4/7/07 4:59:18AM
Don't like either one personally, but they are great fighter's . I hope they beat eachother up and Diego pulls out the win, since I picked and bet on him.
4/7/07 6:43:30AM

Posted by snakeplissken

It was Sanchez building the fight up with his usual antics... Is it me or does Sanchez look a bit like Justin Timberlake?

More like Slater: LINK

I hope Kos ends Diego's win streak
4/7/07 8:19:10AM
I think alot of people are overlooking Kos. His standup, submissions, and his gnp have improved by leaps and bounds since TUF imo!
4/7/07 9:59:07AM
ive picked diego on here, but i really hope kos pounds the shit out of him for the full fight, then diego pulls out a sub from the bottom in the last 20 secs, that way i win my bets and i get to see diego get pummeled. Perfect.
4/7/07 10:34:17AM
I hope Kos bashes him up.

Diego is just playing at being the tough man here, he pushes Kos, and though no one holds him back, walks back a good 12 feet before he starts trash talking.

Diego needs to stop ducking good fighters to stretch out his winning streak.
4/7/07 11:43:00AM
Even if Diego loses. I can only see him making excuses for why he lost.

As I've said before, I don't like either fighter, but I dislike Diego more every day since TUF1.

If he wasn't so popular I could've seen Dana putting him in over his head way earlier in order to humble him.
4/7/07 1:58:21PM
4/7/07 2:17:52PM
Diego is fueled by emotion during his fights. Unlike some guys such as Gulliard who seems to let the rage takeover (remember his wild swinging against Stevenson), the more worked up Diego is, the better he seems to perform. I've never seen Diego so pumped up for a fight. I'm VERY tempted to change my pick to KO 1st round for Sanchez...
4/7/07 2:20:11PM
Diego seemed very aggressive! Probably cause he cant smoke anymore pot for fear of failing another drugs test!
4/7/07 2:48:04PM

Posted by randyleprechaun

Diego seemed very aggressive! Probably cause he cant smoke anymore pot for fear of failing another drugs test!

Hadn't thought of it that way, he's prob'ly just edgy. After he fights he'll be able to light a blunt and relax til he has to start pyramiding the training again. Maybe he's like Mike Tyson and they have to take him off his meds for a fight
4/7/07 4:02:51PM
I didn't think Kos looked scared at all; he just stood there with his hands on his hips with a little smirk on his face like look at this guy; you gotta be kidding me? While Diego was saying whatever he was saying followed by the push where if you check the video shows that Diego sort of falls down afterwards. I'm not a big fan of either man but I'm kind of pulling for Kos in this one
4/7/07 7:38:17PM
Just a quick note regarding yesterday’s UFC 69 weigh-ins in which Sanchez shoved Koscheck.

A source down in Houston and close to the situation is telling me that UFC officials have already discussed the possibility that Sanchez will be fined and suspended for initiating contact on the stage.

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