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6/30/09 1:23:36AM
With the Fourth of July coming up in the States, I thought I would start a thread on fireworks. I want to know what fireworks are the best. I want specifics.

I live in PA, which is lame when it comes to fireworks. However, I have found one kick ass fountain that is legal.

Behold, Wrath of the Beast! I know Keystone Fireworks has them, not sure of anyone else. You can get them for about $18 on sale. I am talking 10ft high blasts of sparks baby! Only lasts about 80 secs but worth it. I am surprised PA allows it. Here's a link, scroll down to find the video.

Wrath of the Beast

Anyone else know some good fireworks? Really interested in ones that are legal in lame states like PA Nothing worse than buying comlete crap.

Actually list any other ones as well. Any info appreciated.

I haven't lit these yet, but I have seen videos.

Scarlet Fever $4 on sale, nice cheaper fountain

Flying Betsy $7 on sale, 90 secs and more bang for the buck than most $30/40 fountains

Waterfront Celebration $7 on sale, same as the Betsy, but the video looked even better

I have lit the Wrath of the Beast and it blows every other fountain, that I've seen, away!
6/30/09 1:53:49AM
not really a fan of fireworks.

Watching fireworks is boring for me, they are all pretty much the same, letting them off was alright but i havent done it for years. The only time when it is legal for me in Australia is during one weekend of the year and during that time everyone is going nuts with their massive loud ones that scare the $hit out of my dog so I have to keep her company.

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