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1/15/11 10:22:16AM
If nobody has played this on the PS2 yet, you are missing out. Here is the previous thread about it

Fire Pro Wrestling

If you are looking for a mma fix and have a ps2, this game is for you. I bought it last year after talking with mrsmiley about it. Check out the youtube video on it.

1/15/11 5:12:38PM
Got it when it first came out but quit playing very quickly. It's got what is supposed to be a kick-ass edit/custom character feature, but it apparently takes a brain surgeon to figure it out and save it to a memory card.
1/16/11 1:49:42PM
Yeah, it took me awhile to get comfortable with all the different options. I just downloaded the mma pack that has everything already done.
1/16/11 6:41:33PM
Glad to see your still rocking the game K.
I lost many a nights of sleep with that one. I made everyone under the sun playing that game. Myself,brothers,dad,etc. hell I even made my dog Spock on firepro!
The only flaw I have is that I wish the fighting was bit more in depth,but I still find it to be the best customizable MMA game out their.
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