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9/15/08 5:31:47AM
how do you find your natural weight class?
9/15/08 8:23:28AM
im not an expert but eat when you feel hungry then train hard and whatever you weigh should be your natural weight class
9/15/08 10:21:49AM
I think cmb was on the right track... now im no expert myself but i think that if you, like he said eat normally (healthy, but normally) and then once you've been doing that for a little while what ever you are walking around at. Now someone who is 180 walking around is probably going to want to cut weight so they can be competitive in whatever weight class they decide to make their home. So they'd cut 10-15 lbs in some cases more to get to the weight class they feel comfortable in. So most people who walk at 160-165 would probably cut to the LW division so they can be competitive. I could be wrong on that or i could have answered a different question. Hope my random babble helped.
9/15/08 2:47:05PM
thts how i did it wrestling but like i said its all about being comfortable if your not comfortable your gonna get killed
9/15/08 2:59:51PM
IMO, your natural weight calss is the weight range that you gain or lose weight at the lowest rate.

i.e. My natural weight is between 160 and 170 lbs with good diet and moderate exercise. I have to do an exceptional amount of working out (like 9 times a week of intense exercise) to drop below 160lbs, but when I do, I quickly re-gain that weight if I do not maintain that level. Likwise, for me to weigh over 170lbs, I have to eat really poor and not work out much if at all.

So I usually consider my natural weight to be about 165lbs, which would make me a lightweight by UFC weight class standards.
9/15/08 3:22:35PM
I may be reading too much into your word choice, but you said "weight class" not "weight" so I'm assuming you are talking about a weight to compete in.

The basic formula would be: Weight in fighting shape minus comfortable (water) weight cut

The first part of that equation you should be heading towards now if you're not already there and IMO there is no reason to be worrying about rubber suits and saunas if you are still carrying a lot of body fat and having trouble making it thorugh several rounds of sparring without getting exhausted. Everyone's body is different, but most combat sport athletes have little visible bodyfat (no "flab", obviously there is some fat there) and they are muscular but have less hypertrophy (protruding muscles) than bodybuilders or powerlifters. Even a fit football player with very little body fat will probably "train down" to a somewhat lighter weight since there is a lot of calorie burning that goes on during an MMA-type training regimen even compared to oher sports.

Once you've settled at a weight where you eat enough to maintain your energy through your workouts but you are light enough that you stop losing weight even with hard training (permanent weight loss in this case, you'll still drop a few pounds after each workout which you can rehydrate/eat back in a day or so) you have a fighting weight or in-shape weight which is sometimes referred to as your "walking weight".

If you're new to the sport I would only cut from that what you can comfortably stomach in one session heavily clothed or in a rubber suit in a sauna--maybe 4-5 pounds. Over time you can probably increase this by cutting back food and liquids for a few days beforehand and sweating out more just prior to a weigh-in. If you are competitive and not having health problems with the training/cut then you will probably drop between 5% and 10% of your bodyweight for a weight cut. So if you weigh 200 pounds in good shape, cutting to 190 or perhaps even as low as 180 is reasonable.

This isn't a comfortable process, though. During the days you are losing that weight your are going to be weak and irritable and it will effect your sociability and your work/school...I'm putting that as a disclaimer because I think for most people reading this thread it's probably not worth going through the process just to be slightly bigger in a sport you do for fun.
9/15/08 6:01:31PM
yea I have always told those I am training that are wanting to find thier natural weight. to eat proplery exercise right and avoid a scale for like 3 month... then see where you are at.. now this is not always the weight the person will compete at.. as stated above you can lose 4 pounds of simple water weight and drop down a weight class.. but for your bodies natural weight avoid scales workout properly eat properly

for my self right now I am around 270.. but while I been working out moderately I have not really been eating properly.. so this is adding to my size.. I fell off my own contest but I plan on going back to teh gym tomorrow to get rid or extra stress which is not helping..
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