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9/9/10 11:40:01PM
To find a reason not to watch a UFC card in whatever capacity. There always seems to be a bit of griping when the lower tier fights are announced, but those are a lot of the time the most entertaining. Those are usually the fights on the undercard that leave you wondering who bled all over the mat when the pay per view portion starts.

One thing that I'm loving is how many cards are being put on by the UFC. The only complaint and it's a small one, is that sometimes we will go a month without a card, and then three of them in two weeks, but that's the biggest complaint I can come up with and it's minuscule.

Here's to more cards, high profile fighters or not, and pay per view or not. Joe Silvia has done a marvelous job lately and I can't wait to see what's in store next.
9/10/10 12:07:39AM
I agree, but I'll be first glance, I thought this thread was gonna be about something completely different.
9/10/10 2:10:46AM
I am liking all the smaller orgs stepping up their game too, grabbing all the UFC outcasts and putting on quality fights....TPF, MFC, Bellator, and Shark Fights are helping me fill the void of slow weeks...almost an overload.
9/10/10 8:25:19AM

Posted by grappler0000

I agree, but I'll be first glance, I thought this thread was gonna be about something completely different.

Wouldn't be just lately...
9/13/10 8:12:26PM
The one thing I'm really liking lately is the quality of the main events. Before Main events were always hit or miss but usually short and exciting or long & boring. But ever since UFC 115 they have been amazing!

Franklin-Liddell was a damn battle! Huge shocking ending. Lesnar vs Carwin was the fight were I believe the whole MMA world was like "damn maybe Lesnar isn't a joke, hes the real deal" i never doubted him though. Sonnenn vs Silva was epic! I mean if it wasnt Anderson Silva then it probably would have been hated on but it was so epic because it was "unstoppable untoucable" Anderson Silva and for him to get dominated and then pull something out last second was phenominal! Not to mention BJ vs Edgar II was a hell of fight as well. Edgar shut up all the critics especially with the slams, so unexpected! It seems like his potential is limitless!
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