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2/13/12 5:18:58PM
I've been searching ever since it came out at Tribeca film festival and I CANNOT find any record it exists beyond some trailers, and such.. Anyone know where I can find a copy of what I've heard is an amazing documentary??

Please HELP!?
3/6/12 2:56:58AM
I just wanted to bump this to the top. I know a lot of people want to see this and are having a hard time finding it. I imagine it is probably on some torrent sites but I did happen upon a place where you can download it in its entirety pretty easily. I have not had the chance to watch all of it, just a few minutes to verify that it was all there but it looks pretty good.

If you want the link, PM me and I will set you up. I won't post it here for the same reason we don't share fight streams via open forum.
3/6/12 1:14:42PM
well I won't give a direct link to the torrent, but I'm pretty sure i'm not breaking any rules by saying that thepiratebay has it.
3/6/12 5:44:41PM
This was an amazing doc. If you havent seen it yet, get on that shit.
3/29/12 1:43:30AM
Just watched it, it was very good. I've always liked Anderson as a fighter, but the documentary made me like his character as well. I'd recommend it.
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