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7/13/09 5:19:30PM
There is 3 prelims I havent seen yet.

Miller v Danzig
Jones v OBrien
Coleman v Bonner

Does anybody have links for them. Ive tried watching them on MMAcore and the videos are not workng, same problem with the Jones/Obrien fight on the video section on here.

Any help would be gratefully recieved.
7/13/09 5:26:24PM
Try I think they got them.

here's the bonnar fight.

here's the jones fight.

I think they might have the Danzig fight as well. just seach his name to see if they got it.
7/13/09 5:41:05PM
7/13/09 5:52:38PM
Thanks Grappler, i tried to prop u but I need to spread the love first.

The above link for Jones/Obrien didnt work, gets part way through and then cuts off.

Does any one have another link for that fight please.
7/13/09 6:20:11PM
I found it on the same link as the Miller/Danzig site.

Thanks for your help people.
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