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10/14/12 10:39:33AM
After being demoted as manager last Dec after 5 plus years as a manager. I am back on the saddle but with mixed emotions.

I got demoted cause my work hired a worker who said she was a cake decorater which wasn't the case.
We tried to teach her and she would rather argue. Not pay attention and just keep walking off and disappearing
So when it was time for her to go bye bye. She did everything she could to get me fired. She almost successed I asked for a back ground check on her before my last few days left as manager. My boss agreed found out she had a fee felonies and fired her day after I got transferred out.

Since then been okay. Working night shifts. And lousy days off. My fellow co workers are awesome.

I reapplied for management a month ago. They told me I had to wait 6 month probation been 9.
I had a good chance getting the job. Found out I did. Good clean nice area good location near san Diego charger stadium. Everything was good. Untill I found out this week my job tried to fuck me over and send me somewhere 30 miles away. 60 miles each day driving when I only drive 10 total. I was pissed and rejected their offer at last minute. Felt upset pissed off.

Found out yesterday at work. They still want me as manager but gave me a store way closer to home. I took it. Tiny store. Should be easy work I hope. Glad to be a manager again. I gotta say I still have that feeling I am gonna get fucked over or something.

The way I got screwed over it pissed a lot of people off. My workers. Workers who know me. No one ever questioned my innocence

I should be happy and getting drunk last night watching the fights but I just don't feel it
10/14/12 10:44:01AM
Awesome, I got promoted this week as well, hope all works well for you
10/14/12 10:46:01AM
10/14/12 10:56:07AM
Hell yeah man
10/14/12 11:08:17AM
Congrats on getting the promotion dude! I know what it's like to be fucked around by your work and worry for your job every time Friday or vacation rolls around. I had one job where every weekend I expected to get a call saying not to come in on Monday, and I ended up being there for two years.

I'm sure once you are there managing the smaller store, your work will shine through and they won't have any reason to mess with you. If it continues though, it wouldn't hurt to look for a new job. It's always easier to get a job when you have one already.
10/14/12 11:16:38AM
Congrats, man!
10/14/12 11:56:36AM
Congrats prozac!
10/14/12 1:37:56PM

Promoted = More UFC events????
10/14/12 5:09:09PM
Just found out I got fucked over.
Talked to the manager who I worked with previously

And I am only gonna be there for two weeks and then I am getting moved again

What a bunch of fucking liars.

Who the hell promotes someone without a place to go too
10/14/12 5:34:07PM
Again, I'm so glad to be self employed. I have only myself to blame when things fuck up though...
10/14/12 6:48:03PM

I get promoted everyday.
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