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7/18/09 11:51:15AM

#11: Marius Zarmoskis Interview

Marius Zaromskis pre-fight interview.

The fight is two days away. What is going through your mind now?
I was a little tired yesterday but I’m feeling good today. It’s hot though…

What are your impressions of “Mach”?
I think he’s a complete fighter.

What point will you look out for?
To tightly keep my concentration. I have to concentrate and fight.

You have to fight two times in one day to win the GP, do you have any previous experience of this?
A long time ago, around 10 years ago, I have fought more than one fight in one day. But at that time no one did any special training to handle more than one fight in a day.

What is most important for winning the GP?
For me one fight is important. There isn’t really anything that is particularly important.

You entered with a costume last time, how about this time?
I wonder if I’ll wear a chain around my neck (laugh). (this probably isn’t correctly translated but he basically doesn’t give a clear cut answer and teases about it a little)

Have you studied Mach’s fights on video?
Of course.
#10: YouTube DREAM Channel Opened

Check it out here. Manhoef’s, Taylor’s, Saffiedine’s, and High’s pre-fight interviews are in English. I will translate some of the other ones and include them in future updates.
#9: DREAM EP Sasahara: Aoki Top Contender Even In Loss

When talking to the Japanese press today, Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro said: “If I win against Aoki and then Kawajiri, isn’t a fight with Hansen necessary?”

When DREAM EP Sasahara heard this, he said: “Even if Aoki loses this time, I think the top contender for Hansen’s belt is Aoki. Shaolin has only fought once in DREAM, after beating Aoki will he only get the right to talk.”
#8: Breakdown: Kikuno Vs. Dida

I think this fight is one of the toughest fights to predict on the card. When Kikuno fought Jang Yong Kim he got hit with Kim’s hooks quite cleanly in some of their exchanges. If those were Dida’s hooks it could have been a bad night for Kikuno.

Kikuno has powerful punches and kicks. His kicks to the body (the crescent kick) could be one of the keys to victory for him. A few strikes to the body by Buakaw slowed Dida down considerably, and Kikuno’s kicks are fast (especially his high kicks) and have good power. In almost all of his recent fights you can see his opponents being dropped or being in pain from his crescent kick. Kikuno drops his hands quite low when he kicks though.

Dida also has very powerful strikes. He used to throw almost only chute boxe style hooks and uppercuts. However, when looking at his latest fights in K-1 one can see that he throws more straight punches. Something which I think he should continue doing against Kikuno.

I think an important part of the fight is how Dida strikes. Kikuno is quite good at evading punches and then clinch up with his opponent. Kikuno’s whole takedown game is basically to trip people while clinching with them. So if Dida lunges forward with his chute boxe hooks I can see Kikuno clinching and taking him down all fight long.

While on top Kikuno has decent punches. He doesn’t really try to pass or go for submissions though. Dida is decent at tying up his opponent on the ground (he should have better defense now considering who he is training with) so I don’t think much will happen in terms of finishing the fight while there.

I can definitely see Dida hurting and maybe even stopping Kikuno with punches early. I haven’t seen Dida losing to anyone standing up in MMA. He forced both Calvan and Alvarez to take him down. I don’t think Kikuno’s stance (especially the extreme version of it he showed against Matsumoto) will work against all types of opponents.

However, I think Kikuno will be able to clinch and trip Dida when he gets overaggressive. The rest of the time Kikuno will slow him down with low kicks and crescent kicks to the body. A fatigued Dida will not have his hand raised after 15 minutes when the DEEP Lightweight champion takes the unanimous decision.
#7: Sik Vs. Taylor & Fight Order Announced

The all but official Yoon Dong Sik vs. Jesse Taylor fight is now official for DREAM.10. The fight order for the event has also been released.

Date: July 20th, 2009
Place: Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan

DREAM Welterweight GP Final:
8. Sakurai/Zaromskis vs. Galvao/High

Lightweight Fight:
7. Shinya Aoki vs. Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro

Middleweight Fights:
6. Yoon Dong Sik vs. Jesse Taylor
5. Melvin Manhoef vs. Paulo Filho

Lightweight Fight:
4. Andre Dida vs. Katsunori Kikuno

DREAM Welterweight GP Semifinals:
3. Andre Galvao vs. Jason High
2. Hayato “Mach” Sakurai vs. Marius Zaromskis

DREAM Welterweight GP Reserve Fight:
1. Seichi Ikemoto vs. Tarec Saffiedine
#6: Pre-DREAM.10 Multimedia

Sherdog Radio: Jason High Interview
Sherdog: Paulo Filho Training Pictures
Tatame: Andre Galvao Speaks
Tatame: Dida Prepares With BJJ
Graciemag: Paulo Filho Is Ready
#5: Manhoef In Good Shape
Manhoef Is Ready -

Manhoef Is Ready -

Manhoef has arrived in Japan and talked with the press today. He said that he’s in good shape and that he has already finished cutting to the weight limit. He says that this time he has been able to prepare for the fight for 7-8 weeks since the fight was announced early (hopefully some Japanese orgs can start doing this for most of their fights). 100% victory.
#4: Kakutou Ouji – DREAM.10

DREAM.10 segment of the latest Kakutou Ouji episode. Part 1, 2.
#3: One More Fight

One more fight is planned to be announced for DREAM.10, making it a total of 8 fights. DREAM Event Producer Sasahara said that the final announced fight will be either in the Middleweight or Heavyweight division.
#2: Reserve Fight Set

The Welterweight GP reserve fight was announced today. DEEP champion Seichi Ikemoto will return to take on undefeated Tarec Saffiedine.
#1: One Arm Is Enough For “Mach”

Hayato “Mach” Sakurai, who will look to capture the DREAM Welterweight GP title and become the first ever DREAM Welterweight champion on the 20th, told reporters in his open training session today that one arm is good enough for him if he fights a K-1 fighter in an MMA rules match. He even demonstrated on his sparring partner.
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