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POLL: What name do you want for season 2?
Championship Chaos 13% (22)
Grand Prix 2.0 21% (34)
In Full Swing 14% (23)
Second Chance 16% (26)
The Sequel 15% (25)
Undisputed 21% (34)
6/16/07 6:40:30PM

Posted by DoTheMMAth

Posted by Gladiator

do our career records reset second season?

At the moment we do not plan on resetting career records. In the future, if our users would prefer it, we could have a season record display by your username, then when people view your profile they could see both your season records and your full MMA Playground career record, but yeah... for now, this item hasn't been slated for a change for season 2.

There are plenty of other things that will be improved upon and changed around here for season 2 though... most likely when everyone checks the site Monday, there will be quite a few things going on

i think that would be an awesome idea, ur season record and ur full mmaplayground record.. thats would be great
6/17/07 6:20:08PM
I want a second chance dammit. lol. Got off to a bad start.
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