What will the final Heavyweight Unification Bout be?

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POLL: The final unification match will be:
Randy vs. Nog 30% (26)
Randy vs. Mir 5% (4)
Lesnar vs. Nog 59% (51)
Lesnar vs. Mir 7% (6)
9/4/08 12:33:20AM
9/4/08 1:30:40AM
I think and hope that it will be Randy vs Nog. i think that would be a great fight. those two have the most heart when they fight out of anyone. you know watching a fight between those two that they will both give it their all and never give up. i love how Nog can get his ass beat for two and a half rounds and then pull a sub or a ko out of no where
9/4/08 1:41:12AM
My heart says it will be Couture vs Nog. My brain says it will be Lesnar vs Nog. But both my heart and brain have Nog being the HW champ.
9/4/08 2:24:43AM
I would like to see it be Randy vs Nog. That is where the UFC HW division was heading before all this mess. Brock I think in normal circumstances had the potential to eventually be a champion. I do think that he has the ability to beat Couture, but not Nog. I do not think Mir stands a chance against Nog. Nog vs Lesnar in a HW title fight for the undisupted UFC HW champion. Nog wins by armbar.
9/4/08 3:24:45AM
Lesnar should get Kongo then Cain then give him a crack if he beats them. The winner of Mir vs Nog should have a crack at Randy!!!!!!
9/4/08 4:21:30AM

Posted by Mungooch

Lesnar should get Kongo then Cain then give him a crack if he beats them. The winner of Mir vs Nog should have a crack at Randy!!!!!!

Cain/Lesnar would be lose/lose. They're trying to build Cain as a contender down the road, because after this mini tournament and Werdum, the HW division doesn't have many guys you can say are title contenders.
9/4/08 8:49:48AM
Randy Vs. Nog
9/4/08 9:01:39AM
I'm hoping for Randy vs. Nog. That would be legend.
But in reality, I think it will be Lesnar vs. Nog.

Nog will take any of them, so it doesn't really matter, because Nog will be champ when all is said and done.
9/4/08 9:11:20AM
heart says randy and nog, head is starting to doubt randy against lesnar, but ive screwed up by doubting him before so im not sure what to think.
9/4/08 9:48:34AM
i dont want to admit it but i think that it will be lesnar vs nog and that lesnar will win. nog definitely has the best chance of beating him with his legendary chin and subs but someone as strong as brock who im sure is working sub defence very hard, is going to be very tough to submit. if anyone can do it then it is nog but i honestly think i would bet brock even at even money, which seems crazy. i dont want it to be so but i just think his raw power, strength, size, explosiveness, and agility are going to make him very tough to beat. after we see him fight randy we will have a better idea but this is my guess on the matter.

9/4/08 9:58:21AM
I think that it will be Lesnar vs. Nogueira. Lesnar will be too much for Randy to handle. He'll wear Randy down and get a 5 round decision. He'll keep Couture on his back the whole fight.
As for the Nogueira/Mir fight, eh I don't really need to explain. Nogueira via KO.

9/4/08 10:06:26AM
im gonna say randy vs nog. but either way nog is in it
9/4/08 10:31:16AM
I picked Nog vs Lesnar.

Wish it would be Nog vs Randy, it'd be an easier fight for Nog.
9/4/08 11:15:18AM
i say give lesnar kongo then gonzaga
have couture fight werdum
then winner of that fight fights nog/mir winner
even though lesnar lost to mir i would love to see the odds of mir winning it all
maybe 50-1 underdog if not more
9/4/08 11:23:59AM
Hopefully Nog vs Randy
9/4/08 1:18:12PM
lesnar vs. nog, with nog taking it down. randy won't be able to sub ko or out wrestle brock so brock wins. nog puts on a jiu jitsu clinic against mir. then in the finals nog takes a monumental beating and capitalizes on a big mistake by brock, the type of mistake that randy couldn't take advantage of.
9/4/08 5:01:56PM
Lesner should not be in the title picture, I belive he will be in the near future, but he did just recieve a loss from Mir.
For that much, not sure if Mir sould be getting one either. IMO Werdum should be facing Nog.
It is a shame that the UFC let AA and Big Tim go, between them, the have beaten almost everyone in Title contention, but then again, we would be seeing the two go at it for the 4th, 5th and so on times.
I love the idea of Vera at LHW, and I think he will be LHW Champ before long, but I think he can also take out most everyone in the HW div.

SO, Randy vs. Lesner I want Randy to win, but I think he will be up aginst someone with more power and can match Randys wrestling skills. Lesner wins.
Nog vs. Mir this is a great match up, but I will go with Nog.

In the end the Champ will be ?? Nog if this is fairly soon, but if this is in say 2 years, I will go with Lesner if he learns enough sub escapes, he could lay a beat down on Nog.
9/4/08 5:07:01PM
damn no one is giving mir a shot & although most polls ive seen show randy winning, its clear here that the people that voted think lesnar will pull through......very interesting

i wouldnt be surprised if lesnar/couture ends up being the hotbout of ufc 91
9/4/08 8:26:09PM
I'm only the 2nd of 39 to pick Couture/Mir ?

Where can I find betting odds based on the outcome of this poll.
9/4/08 11:00:59PM
This is quite the ? This is pretty much the Semi-Finals of a HW GP in the UFC(unofficially). Both Mir and Lesnar(IMO) have a chance/good chance of winning their respective fights. Wow i cant wait until December. Maybe we'll have a Lesnar vs Fedor fight in the mix?!?!?!?!?

EDIT: For UFC gold that is.
9/5/08 12:16:46AM
I love how people have not learned from counting Randy Couture out. I would not be surprised if Lesnar won, but I see Randy taking this. Brock is not gonna catch Randy off guard like he did Mir and Herring. Part of what helped Brock, was such a lack of tape on the guy, we really did not know what he was gonna do. We got a full 3 rounds in with the Herring/Lesnar fight. Randy is very very strong. Look how much stronger he looked than Gonzaga, and Gonzaga is a strong man. As long as Randy weathers that initial storm, hes winning this. He will outcraft Brock. He will make Brock use his strength against himself, getting him in bad positions. Those who are used to Randy being Randy will not be surprised. Those who dont think outside the box, will once again be on here commenting on how Randy amazed them, again. Yes it is amazing, but I am used to it. I know Randy had some struggles against big heavyweights earlier in his career. But guess what, he's actually better now. That's where the jist of this is. People fail to realize that Randy gets better as he gets older. Brock will be better, but Randy is already to good, and hes also getting better.
9/5/08 7:10:29PM
I agree..Nog winning it all. But then Dana would have the true champ being Nog but I dont think we will see Nog/Fedor 4. Im hoping Randy can do it so we could see the superfight but dont think he can! ...yes im counting captain america out!!!
9/6/08 3:36:48PM
My head says Lesnar...but it also said Gonzaga and Sylvia.
9/6/08 4:10:53PM
Minotauro and Couture.
9/10/08 3:35:13PM
Suprised that 6 people think that we'll get a Frank Mir vs. Lesnar match. Either way every match is pure money.

Randy vs. Mir (this sells itself as an undisputed match)
Lesnar vs. Mir (This would be a huge rematch especially since Mir and Lesnar would have proven their worth by beating Nog and Couture)
Randy vs. Mir (If Randy beats Lesnar, the same guy that Mir beat, in more time than it took Mir o defeat him then they can sell Randy as the underdog)
9/11/08 12:41:03AM

Posted by Kpro

I'm only the 2nd of 39 to pick Couture/Mir ?

Where can I find betting odds based on the outcome of this poll.

What is Mir possibly going to do to Nog?
9/11/08 3:55:56AM

Posted by mach

Posted by Kpro

I'm only the 2nd of 39 to pick Couture/Mir ?

Where can I find betting odds based on the outcome of this poll.

What is Mir possibly going to do to Nog?

What can Mir do to Nog? Mir likes going for the knee/ankle locks. Nog was beaten with a knee lock by Ricco "Sauve" in the Abu Dhabi submission fighting tournament. In the semi-final match of Pride's Open Weight Grand Prix Nog and Barnett had each other in some sort of leg lock to close out the match. What does this all mean - jack shit.

But maybe, just maybe if Mir has any sort of chance it might be catching Nog in an ankle or knee lock.

That said, I still voted Lesnar/Nog
9/11/08 4:53:46AM
i have lost all faith in humanity.
9/11/08 11:15:25AM
Best case scenario

Nog UDs Mir
Lesnar UDs Randy

Nog Subs Lesnar

CC Beats Overeem, then UFC resigns him
CC destroys Randy then gets to fight Nog for Undisputed UFC HW title!!!!

CC UDs Nog to make a superfight of Fedor Emelianenko vs Mirko Filipovic 2!!!

I can dream cant i?
9/11/08 1:33:38PM
Randy Vs. Nogueria

Randy will smash Lesnar
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