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10/29/08 12:07:02PM
I don't remember so said it but anerson is able to fight at 176-177 no problem.

1. Chucl liddel just so he can retire a legend.

2. Gsp if he wins vs penn.

3. Okami if he wins against lister, the guy definitly deserves a chance at the tittle.

4. Hendo if he wins against Franklin if he looses have bisping fight cote for the #1 spot and give the winner a tittle shot.

5. If Anderson is still champ at MW he should fight whoever has the belt at 205.

After alves muay thai clinic on his last fight am I the only one that would like to see them fight. Let's say he wins against Gsp (I don't think its gonna happend) he would be big enough to fight silva man it would be a stand up war.
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