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4/10/09 11:10:55AM
According to the TATAME website, former WEC Middleweight Champion Paulo Filho will return to action at DREAM 9 in May. He will move up to Light Heavyweight for his fight, opponent TBD.

4/10/09 1:35:58PM
Which Filho will we see?

Hopefully they throw him a decent opponent and not a can.
4/10/09 2:48:48PM
i thought fihlo was going to strikeforce
4/10/09 4:34:45PM
I hope he comes back was a shame how he fizzed out at the end of the WEC...he would have been a good addition to the UFC
4/10/09 9:07:49PM
I really don't know if it is good for him to go to LHW. He is short for MW, he'll be midget sized and totally outmuscled by guys who cut a lot of weight down to 205. I think that he'd made MW pretty consistently before his more recent fights and his struggles with weight/drugs/psycosis. Bad idea IMO, but good luck Filho.
4/11/09 12:59:17AM
Good points Breakdown. At 5' 8" Filho will have little luck at LHW IMO. He should have gone to SF at 185 and tried to work his way into the UFC.
4/11/09 11:55:10AM
If moving to 205 helps prevent him from seeing Jesus while in the cage, I think it is a good idea.

More likely he should take some time and make sure he is mentally ok.
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