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10/25/07 2:53:10AM

Man, I seriously can't wait for this match. This is probably the biggest match in the history of the WEC.
10/25/07 2:56:38AM
Go Filho
Keep an eye out for the back
10/25/07 3:08:05AM
filho by RNC
10/25/07 4:25:44AM
Franky is going down while Paulo is getting more noticed and rising up. I think this is the big win he needs to make himself at least a legit threat to anybody in the top 5 in the MW division...

I have Paulo by 2nd or 3rd rd sub when Frank gasses and Paulo locks in the rear naked choke...
10/25/07 7:09:56AM
Wouldnt be surprised to see a repeat of his fight with Doerksen, but if theres a sub i gots to say its a RNC
10/25/07 8:25:51AM
Trigg loses by rear naked choke!!! again!
10/25/07 8:54:31AM
frank trigg will wipe the floor with him.
10/25/07 9:50:37AM
Maybe this is the fight that gets Filho to the UFC. I honestly think he could compete with Silva at 185. His ground game is awesome. I'd like to see him go to the UFC after this fight and have him face a young upcoming guy in Demian Maia on the same card as the next MW title fight. This would be an exciting fight between two excellent ground fighters. May be boring to some fans, though. The winner could get a shot at Silva.
10/25/07 11:37:19AM
He is such good friends with Anderson though and when those brazilians are tight like that they never really fight so i cant see it happening, he would be the #2 guy in the UFC tho, its a shame and they should fight as the division needs it!
10/25/07 2:36:10PM
I would like to see him fight Franklin first in the UFC because I dont think he could handle Franklin He punches to wild to handle Silva and on the Ground I could see him hadling Fanklin on the ground either not now anyway
10/25/07 2:46:14PM
I hope he looks better then he did agaisnt EL Dirte or other wise i see Trigg taking it
10/25/07 5:51:44PM
you think jay glazer will be in trigg's corner? trigg eats himself up for losing so many times by rnc and he hates he cannot defend. if he loses this match by rnc then he should just retire and that would be funny. i hope that he got better though because i am picking him to win and hopefully will win some good money off of this. this wec card is looking good.
10/29/07 4:51:35AM
crazy fight,,, for sure i will be watching it
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