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3/15/08 3:37:24AM
Filho has withdrawn from his rematch with sonnen to check into rehab. while i applaud his candor and efforts to scrub the negative influence from his life (plus he looked like crap in his previous bout) it comes very close to the fight date and sonnen has assuredly been in deep training mode only to have the carpet pulled. What are anyone's thoughts on the matter?
3/15/08 5:48:35AM
I think Filho needs this time to work on his issues. The only reason Sonnen even got this rematch was because of his crying about the I didn't tap (so Lindland's style). So Sonnen can wait a while longer. Filho has earned the right to take some time off to get his life on track.
3/17/08 8:35:23PM
I hope he works out his issues
3/18/08 1:21:10AM
As I just stated in another thread.

Filho said this was his last fight at MW so just make him vacate the title now and not keep it in limbo through this shit.

I'd rather have a Sonnen vs. Baker 5 round title fight.
3/19/08 11:43:04PM
I hope that Filho works through his problems andcomes back even stronger
3/27/08 4:20:52PM
Like the name Phoenix.Sometimes everybody has to kill some demons from the past in order to rise up from the dead new and reborn in the present for the future.I Hope he does as someone who had to go that route before i hope he does.Everyone deserves a chance
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