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11/12/07 3:10:54AM
with frank trigg signed to fight for hdnet fights, does anyone have any clues on who is gonna fight paulo in december????

let me know
11/12/07 3:54:32AM
Misaki...doubt it but it'd be cool.
11/12/07 5:01:18AM
A No Name unless

dana and ufc recognise the weak 185 division in ufc and bump fihlo to a real organization with real topnotch competition
11/12/07 7:44:40AM
if you notice some of the guys in the secondary league are like fighting in november and december so who knows.
11/12/07 8:10:45AM
Maybe he will move up to face a LHW since WEC has no good match ups for him at MW.
Dana needs to loosen that sphincter alittle and bring Lindland in to WEC to fight Filho.
Still Filho with the W.
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