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2/3/10 1:29:36AM
Name 5 Relevant fights you would like to see by the end of 2010.

5 fights that actually make sense, and they should be in the same organization. For example not Fedor vs. Lesnar because there in diff. organizations and lets be real, it aint happenin for a while.

BJ Penn vs. Tyson Griffin
Marquardt vs. Silva II
Jardine vs. Griffin II
Brock Lesnar vs. Junior Dos Santos
Overeem vs. Fedor
2/3/10 1:49:51AM
Overeem vs Fedor
Aoki vs Melendez (does that count?)
Irvin vs Cote
Machida vs Shogun 2
Chuck vs Griffin (if Chuck beats Tito...if not Tito vs Griffin 3)
2/3/10 5:58:38AM
Fedor vs Overeem
Franklin vs Lidell
Silva vs Rashad at middleweight
Carwin vs Valesquez
Gegard vs Hendo
GSP vs 3 mexican midgets
2/3/10 11:43:30AM
overeem vs fedor
gegard vs hendo
silva vs shogun (4 lhw title after shogun beats machida) (again!!)
dos santos vs mir
tito vs machida 2 (after shogun beats machida!)

2/3/10 11:58:47AM
I'm not sure what you mean by "relevant", other than "title fights or title-contender fights", but...

1. Fedor vs. Overeem
2. Mousasi vs. Hendo

These have been named already, so maybe they're too obvious, but I think they have to top the list. Maybe we should just all name our Top 7, and put these two somewhere in there.

3. Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans. This might earn the winner a title shot, possibly depending upon who wins Machida-Shogun. Lil' Nog is knocking on the door too.

Belfort and Marquardt appear to be next in line, and I wouldn't want to see either of them in an elimination fight. With Dan Henderson gone and Yushin Okami forgotten, Bisping, Akiyama, Maia and Sonnen appear to be next in the depth-chart, so I propose a UFC Middleweight mini-tournament.

4. Michael Bisping vs. Demian Maia and
5. Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Chael Sonnen

If the two winners can then meet, great; if not, the most convincing of them could be given a title shot in the first quarter of 2011.
2/3/10 2:58:28PM
5 fights that are happening:
Rashad Evans v.s. Rampage Jackson
King Mo vs. Mousassi
Josh Koscheck v.s. Paul Daley
Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort
ShoGun v.s. Machida 2

5 Fights that i want to see before this year is over:
Anderson Silva v.s. Georges St. Pierre
Brock Lesner v.s. Shane Carwin
Nick Diaz v.s. Mousassi
Josh Koscheck v.s. Dan Hardy
Paul Daley vs. Anthony Johnson
2/4/10 5:52:35PM
Paul Daley v Thiago Alves

Mir v Nog II

A Silva v Shogun

Rashaad v 185

Haseman v Sinosic...

I wouldve said Fedor v overeem and Gegaard v Hendo but those are too obvious.

and here is one fantasy match-up Kimbo v Hershel Walker
2/4/10 7:14:06PM
1. Jon Fitch vs. Dan Hardy - If Fitch gets past Alves and Hardy loses to GSP I can see this happening. I would probably give the advantage to Fitch b/c I think he would be able to take Dan down.

2. Rousimar Palhares vs. Demian Maia - I think everyone would be interested in this fight.

3. Tyson Griffin vs. Takanori Gomi - Gomi is a decorated japanese wrestler with good hands and Tyson is a pretty good wrestler in his own right.

4. Shane Carwin vs. Brock Lesnar - If Shane gets past Mir then this will happen. Shane has one of the heaviest set of hands in all of mma and would pose serious problems for Brock.

5. Shogun vs. Lil Nog 2 - I'll be pulling for Forrest to beat Lil Nog but if he doesn't, then Rogerio should get the first crack at Shogun after he gets his belt from Lyoto.
2/4/10 9:14:03PM
Rampage vs Shogun 2- Sick sick Brawl!

Josh Koschek vs Dan Hardy- After GSP tools em, I want Kos to KO em again worse.

Paul Daley vs Diego Sanchez- Just think that'd be a sick fast pace war

Eddie Alvarez vs. Gilbert Melendez in Strikeforce

GSP vs Fitch 2

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