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12/10/08 11:48:46PM

Posted by MMAcca

Who is this awful ref ?

Dunno, but Joe Rogan is becoming my hero with every second he makes fun of the ref, LMAO
12/10/08 11:49:16PM

Posted by DevonFoxy

Posted by Jackelope

Posted by DevonFoxy

Koscheck's number one fan and still driving the bandwagon thought id make a stop and pick up some people if they want to get on.......

LMAO.. props for the hilarious post

On an unrelated note- not a bad card for me. I went 8-2 but I dunno about points yet. I didn't tally em up

Yea i only lost the Sanchez fight but i think the points weren't too good but i dont give a flying foo Koscheck just knkocked him the heck out so ill be on a high for about a couple of days until Bader fights.

Why until Bader fights?
12/10/08 11:50:50PM
Cuz if Bader gets an L ill be depressed. Im a huge fan of his and alot of the fighters that come from ACS. Just in man-love with their wrestling base i suppose in a heterosexual way.
12/10/08 11:51:20PM
LOL, right on
12/10/08 11:54:44PM
Man love rules OK!!!
12/11/08 4:31:06AM
actually didnt do as bad as i thought, haha

7-3 with 66 points
12/11/08 6:49:32AM
Only 48 points but 8-2 and I hit my parlay. I've also seen a good picture of Hill's injury when it happened. I'll just post a link to the article with a warning that it's potentially disturbing (no blood/gore but it's probably gonna make you cringe):

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