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12/10/08 7:47:41PM
least i dont feel too bad about missing these since everyone else did too
12/10/08 7:48:13PM
I guess I'm missing later. Saunders just put me at 3-0.

Saunders TKOs Wolff at 1:49.
12/10/08 7:49:11PM
yay! i got a win!
12/10/08 7:50:22PM
This one may make TV. If it does, watch for Killa B to sting Wolff early with a low blow.

Johnny Rees vs. Steve Bruno is up now.
12/10/08 7:59:56PM
Thank you Saunders. 1-2 now, I had Saunders by a 2nd rd tko.
12/10/08 8:10:10PM
2-2, again got the ending totally wrong though. I had this exact same problem last event to.
12/10/08 8:12:59PM

Posted by Aaronno9

2-2, again got the ending totally wrong though. I had this exact same problem last event to.

Same. I had Bruno by a rd. 2 KO, but I'll take the 7 points
12/10/08 8:13:51PM
My perfect prelims run ends at 9 dating back to the last WEC. Oh well, at least it didn't mess up my wagers.
12/10/08 8:14:26PM

damn. i really needed that one too
12/10/08 8:15:26PM
BTW- Glad to see "The Hater Hurter" get choked the hell out, because if I met somebody with that nickname that's exactly what I would want to see happen to them. Either that, or I'd like to see them KTFO
12/10/08 8:16:39PM
2-2 with 19 points so far.

Bruno was the hotbout.
12/10/08 8:17:34PM

Posted by Pookie

2-2 with 19 points so far.

Bruno was the hotbout.

Right you are, sir! I had forgotten that
12/10/08 8:19:24PM
I forgot about that to. Guess i have 15 points then. I picked him to win a UD.
12/10/08 8:19:34PM
Changing around picks towards the end has killed me a little, but at least changing to Bruno payed off. Really didn't think he would get the sub though.
12/10/08 8:22:36PM
I hope Luigi eats a huge mushroom before this fight
12/10/08 8:23:06PM
1-3 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

if anyone dosnt have cable like me you can watch the event on TVUnetworks.com
12/10/08 8:25:33PM
2-2 with 29 points Called the Bruno fight perfectly.
12/10/08 8:26:23PM
The Fioravanti-Farber fight is next. Don't forget it's catch weight at 173.
12/10/08 8:32:13PM
Im 2-2 with only 15 points, but made $2002 on the Mccully and harrt fight.And MCcully is in my parley, i dont know that happend but i am glad it did.
12/10/08 8:33:13PM
Well, Farber has his first full round in UFC under his belt now. It's going to round 2 and Farber hasn't taken a hlghlight reel KO shot. Yet.
12/10/08 8:37:35PM
Man i hope this fight doesnt finish in the 3rd, at least then ill have one perfect pick.
12/10/08 8:40:20PM
im hoping luigi gets the KO in the second
12/10/08 8:42:09PM
Yey! 11 points for me. Hopefully the main cards exciting, im hella tired and i dont know that ill beable to stay awake if its a snooze fest.
12/10/08 8:42:19PM
3 30-27s for Fioravanti .

That's it for the prelims so that's it for me for tonight, blasted work schedule. I"ll put up full results in the morning. Until then, good night, and good luck.
12/10/08 8:43:33PM
2-3 with 10 points

12/10/08 8:43:44PM
4-1 with 31 pts. Not great, but not bad.
12/10/08 8:52:55PM
3-2 on the prelims. A little disapointed in Fioravanti though. Would have liked to see him crush farber. Hill and Sanchez crapped out on me.
12/10/08 8:58:02PM
3-2 on the prelims... But I had Hill in my 64k parlay and 25k on Sanchez I hate fight nights
12/10/08 9:11:21PM
Has the show started? Theres some whack tennis shit on on the channel thats supposed to be showing it here :(
12/10/08 9:23:21PM
Wow, wimans getting schooled. Cant beleive he didnt loose a point for grabbing the shorts after being warned at least 5 times.
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