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2/11/08 9:01:33PM
So even though you've seen them 1,000 times,what fights still get you pumped up when you watch them?

For me

Chuck Liddell VS Vernon White

Bas Rutten VS Ryushi Yanagisawa (short but sweet)

Wanderlei Silva VS Yuki Kondo

Keith Hackney VS Emmanuel Yarborough (spell check)

Big Nog Vs Heath Herring (the first fight.IMO,the best fight ever)

2/11/08 9:19:45PM
I still watch these fights every weekend

- Aleksander Emelianenko vs Ricardo Morais
- Fedor Emelianenko vs Big Nogueira
- Matt Hughes vs Royce Gracie
- Anderson Silva vs Carlos Newton
- Anderson Silva vs Alex Steibling
- Fedor Emelianenko vs Zulu
- Kaoklai Kannorsing vs Mighty Mo
- Cro Cop vs Wandy 2
- Dan Henderson vs Wandy 2
- Tank vs Nelmark
- Randleman vs Cro Cop
- Smith vs Sell -
- Sylvia vs Tellegman
- Wandy vs Sakuraba
- Rampage vs Arona
- Yves Edwards vs Josh Thompson
- Tank vs Matua
- Gonzaga vs Cro Cop
- Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler
2/11/08 9:25:59PM
boetsch vs heath (last 40 secs of the fight)
2/11/08 9:41:06PM
Any Cro Cop fight that he doesn`t lose, besides the Fedor fight of course. Ummm most Shogun fights, GSP BJ, the crow and Rich, Nog and Tim, Fedor and goodridge, so many to list lol. Hug vs Cro Cop, Bonjasky Hari, Aerts and Lebanner, Cro Cop Aerts, pretty much any K-1 fight involving Hug, Cro Cop, Aerts, Buakaw, Kannorsing, Bonjasky, lol. The fight that makes me want to train the most is Cro Cop vs Kongo...that fight pisses me off more then any of his losses.
2/11/08 10:16:40PM
Just watched Chuck Wandy this weekend agian and loved it. I also like to watch the Randy Rizzo fight. Trigg Hughes 2 is a good one. Hughes and Bj is another I like. Wandy Henderson 2. Shogun and Rampage. Theres alot I like.
2/11/08 10:24:09PM
Randleman vs. cro cop...............

2/11/08 10:50:18PM
the lesnar mir fight i was pumped when he simitted him nice
2/11/08 11:51:21PM
Chuck Liddell vs wandy i was standing like the whole time
2/12/08 12:17:39AM
Frye vs. Takayama
2/12/08 4:31:41AM
any fight i get to see frank trigg or tito get beat up is at the top of my list
2/12/08 5:10:05AM

Posted by candynuts

Frye vs. Takayama

Excellent choice! In 45 seconds, Takayama looks like a completely different person.

Frye vs. Yvel, not that it was a good fight, but the intro where Don comes out with the flag, and then when he turns from the corner with the classic Predator stare is absolutely priceless.

Fedor vs. Cro-cop, just because of the build-up and how good both fighters are.

Randy vs. Sylvia, just because I didn't think it was possible and was happy to see it was.
2/12/08 6:18:28AM
Kimo vs. Bob Sapp
2/12/08 6:24:52AM
Rampage vs Chuck 1, IMO the greatest fight ever, the brawling and the slams...priceless.

Dana's one sided bullcrap commentating dulls the fight down a little since he's Chucks manager and he's getting his butt kicked, but if you mute the tv, it's awesome
2/12/08 9:23:57AM
gomi vs diaz is always gonna have a place high on my list. two guys go to war standing and then it ends with a friggin gogo...cant ask for much more in a fight.
2/12/08 10:03:14AM
GSP vs. anyone. He always brings it and is entertaining.
2/12/08 2:59:42PM
off the top of my head
couture-liddell 1
hendo-wandy 2
wandy-rampage 1 & 2
crocop-wandy 2
big nog-crocop
big nog-sylvia

2/12/08 3:36:53PM
Wanderlei vs Metzger

Metzger vs Chuck

Chuck vs Vernon Tiger White

Really liked Diaz vs Karo or Diego as well

Fedor vs Fujita

Meinhoff vs Cyborg (sp?)

2/13/08 4:21:46PM
Bonner vs Griffin
GSP vs Hughes 2&3
Ortiz vs Shamrock (Any day I can see Shamrock get beat up is a good day.)

I'm sure there's more, I just can't think of any at the moment.
2/14/08 1:55:01PM
Definitely the 1st Chuck vs. Tito.

Seeing Tito bloodied up and going down while pulling out his mouthpiece was classic.
2/14/08 3:55:27PM
The ones ill watch anytime anywhere are

Chuck vs Wanderlei
Chuck vs Rampage 1
Cro Cop vs Wanderlei 2
GSP vs Sherk
Franklin vs the Crow
Hughes vs Trigg 2
Hughes vs Griacie
Couture vs Gonzaga
Fedor vs Goodridge
Sakurai vs Pulver
2/15/08 8:52:15AM
foresst vs shogun
That still gets me going
and forrest choked out one of the best fighters from pride
2/19/08 1:50:08PM
i still get pumped over rampage knocking out liddell.
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