ufc 85, has 7 fights for only 5 main event slot time. who goes to prelims??

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4/25/08 4:59:56PM
i see right now they have 6 maybe 7 good fights fro the main event, with only 5 time slots

for sure maybe

hughes vs alves rivera vs kampman
werdum vs vera
swick vs davis

you also have the irvin vs evans match,
marquadt vs leites would be a solid 5

but if you add bisping vs leban

for sure rivera vs kampman goes, who would be the other
i doubt evans would go to a prelim
it would be nate vs thales or swick vs davis. and davis vs swick will be more explosive. i doubt that the bisping fight will be added now, might go to ufc 87 in aug.
4/25/08 5:13:32PM
hughes vs alves(main event)
vera vs werdum
swick vs davis
thales vs nate
bisping vs leben(if this fight happens)

then kampmann vs jorge or rashad vs irvin as a swing bout.

then if the bisping vs leben fight falls through move one of those fights up there to main card and then make the other a swing bout.
4/25/08 6:38:16PM
Rashad likely will be on PPV. As for Bisping the latest rumor is he hasn't signed for the Leben fight, and with Hughes-Alves being the main event that might take him off the card completely.
4/25/08 7:27:17PM
marcus davis vs.. mike swick.. better f'in stay on themain card
4/26/08 7:57:34PM
I dont care im there!!

stacked card seriously cant wait
4/27/08 2:04:54PM
According to UFC.com

Main Card
Matt Hughes Vs. Thiago Alves
Chris Leben Vs. Michael Bisping
Marcus Davis Vs. Mike Swick
Rashad Evans Vs. James Irvin
Fabricio Werdum Vs. Brandon Vera

May not be broadcast
Jorge Rivera Vs. Martin Kampmann (this is most likely the swing fight)
Nate Marquardt Vs. Thales Leites
Jason Lambert Vs. Luiz Cane
Roan Carneiro Vs. TBD
Antoni Hardonk Vs. Neil Wain
4/27/08 2:25:01PM
is't Dan Henderson going to be on this card??? if so would will his oppennet be?? Okami??
4/27/08 5:28:49PM
Dan Henderson???? Where did that rumor come from?

Henderson vs. Okami would be interesting but should't Okami be getting the next title shot?
4/27/08 6:10:11PM
Yesturday at Seni 08 i asked Dan Henderson when his next fight was, he told me "i shold be fighting on June 7th." I said, "In London?", he replied "Yeah, In London"

I hope Hendo was telling the truth as id love to see him fight live!
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