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2/19/08 9:24:03AM
Here are some fights that never happened and might never happen that I think should have they are all big name people who have been around for a good amount of time so why didn't they ever meet?

Shamrock vs Lidell
Fitch vs Marcus Davis
Franklin vs Ortiz
Couture vs Franklin
Koscheck vs Burkman
Franklin vs Lidell
Huerta vs Griffin
Couture vs Shamrock
2/19/08 9:49:54AM
Randy vs. Fedor
2/19/08 9:51:29AM
Thats another I thought should have happened by now
2/19/08 1:47:51PM
couture franklin wont happen considering rich franklin is a middleweight. lmfao
2/19/08 2:27:20PM
There's too many. Let's stick to ones people were actually trying to make happen at some point:
Couture - W. Silva
Couture - Fedor
Barnett - Fedor
K. Shamrock - Tank
Rickson - Sakuraba
Rickson - Bas
Sylvia - Lebanner

2/19/08 2:28:55PM
I wouldn't be as excited to see it now... But to see Wanderlie Silva vs Igor Vovchanchyn was always a dream matchup for me...
2/19/08 4:48:27PM
Sakuraba vs Rickson shouldve happened and i think still WILL happen
2/19/08 5:08:00PM
Franklin could easily fight at LH and so could Couture i'm also not talking about current fights I wish they were but I was wondering why those big names never met past or present.
2/19/08 8:03:20PM
Kimo vs. Bob Sapp 2
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