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3/3/13 3:15:12PM
Wanderlei Silva - That was some vintage Wand tonight and he just looked awesome. His chin held up very well after taking some big shots against Stann, who obviously has hug power. I'd like to see him retire after an awesome performance like this but I have a feeling he'll stick around, and a fight i'm hoping will happen is Forrest Griffin vs Wanderlei.

Brian Stann - He didn't look bad tonight, he just got over aggressive and got caught. He landed some big shot as well, but sometimes one guy is just better that night. I would like to see him fight Ed Herman or Rousimar Palhares next.

Mark Hunt - Holy crap Marko Hunto! That was a sweet KO and I though he was in trouble in the third when he started gassing. Struve just stood in front of him which makes it easier for a guy with such big power to just flat line you. Great performance from Mark and that's four in a row. I'd like to see him fight Roy Nelson next if he gets past Chieck Kongo, or the Nogueira/Werdum winner would also be a great fight.

Stefan Struve - He had a solid first 2 rounds but started standing in front of him, i assume due to fatigue, and get clipped left and right. Hopefully Struve uses this as a learning experience and comes back stronger next time out. I think he should fight Ben Rothwell or the Nelson/Kongo loser next. He did break his jaw so I assume he'll be out for longer than usual, so you can't really guess who he'll fight next.

Diego Sanchez - Yea I kind of though he lost that fight but he didn't look terrible. I think he hits his weight cut next time out and looks better. I think the Healy/Miller winner fighting Diego next would make sense or the Dunham/Dos Anjos winner would be good also.

Takanori Gomi - His striking looked sharp and he did enough to win imo but sometimes things just don't go your way. He looks better and better every time he fights and I see him sticking around for a while. I think he should fight Matt Wiman or Joe Lauzon next.

Yushin Okami - Okami had a solid first two rounds which won him the fight. He's not exciting by any means but he keeps winning so he's moving right up the ladder. I think the Souza/Philippou winner would make sense for his next outing.

Hector Lombard - Damn, if he had been as effective as he was in third that would've been his fight. He didn't really fight smart and I was surprised that Okami got him down more than once. I say have him fight Mark Munoz or Brian Stann would actually be good too.

Rani Yahya - He showed some really improved wrestling and his grappling was on point as always. Manny Gamburyan next would be cool.

Mizuto Hirota - He showed great heart, surviving some close sub attempts and rallied in the thrid round but I know he'll come back even more improved. Having him fight Jason Young next would be a good fight,

Dong Hyun Kim - This dude is a great well rounded fighter. Unfortunately he isn't very exciting but when you have a significant advantage over a guy in one area why wouldn't you use it, right. Kim vs John Hathway next would be good with me.

Siyar Bahadurzada - rough loss but he's a warrior and I have a feeling he'll be back better next time. Mike Swick and Erick Silva would both be solid fights imo.

Brad Tavares - This kid has a bright future, he looked good against a tough competitor in Fukuda. I think he fights Rafael Natal or Derek Brunson next

Riki Fukuda - I hope he doesn't get cut but it wouldn't surprise me. If he stays I want to see him fight John Maguire or Karlos Vemola

Takeya Mizugaki - Kind of thought he lost but you just can't leave it in the hands of the judges. Mizugaki vs Francisco Rivera would be a good next fight.

Bryan Caraway - Roland Delorme sounds good to me

Kazuki Tokudome - Good performance from him over a solid veteran. Mike Wilkinson or Adriano Martins next

Cristiano Marcello - Cut

Alex Caceres - He's quietly racking up wins even though that was a close fight/questionable call as well. I like Alex though, he's improving quite a bit and I think Vaughan Lee next would be fun

Kyung Ho Kang - Cut or someone like Marcos Vinicius

Hyun Gyu Lim - Didn't look great until that knee but still seems like a solid prospect. I see him fighting Nah-Shon Burrell or Kenny Robertson next

Marcelo Guimares - something about this guy makes me dislike him, and I still can't get that god awful Stittgen fight out of my head. Although he looked a little better tonight I still see him getting cut.
3/3/13 3:37:49PM
Wanderlei Silva - Wow. I'm shocked, excited, overjoyed and overwhelmed all in one. Wandy went out there and traded with a guy that was supposed to knock him out and came out on top. He won two fight night bonuses and gave the Pride die hards exactly what they wanted to see. I didn't pick him but I'm very happy to see Wandy do what he did last night. As for his next fight, he could go several different directions. They could set him up with a striker for a chance at another war. Someone like Dan Henderson or James Te Huna. Or they could put together the fight I want to see. Wandy vs. Sonnen. Sonnen will most likely lose to Jones and these two have a history of trash talking already. I think holding this fight in Brazil or Japan would be huge for the ufc.

Brian Stann - Well it takes two fighters to have a FOTN and Stann played his role perfectly. He got knocked out sure, but he also gave a performance to remember. He has to be in the ufc's good books even more so now after that performance. What a war. Anyways, I think he should go back to Middleweight next and so does he. A great fight to put on would be Rich Franklin vs. Brian Stann. Those two could really put on a great fight. It makes sense for both of them.

Mark Hunt - Again, Wow. I thought Struve would run through him on the ground. That wasn't the case at all. Hunt's overall game has improved dramatically since he first got to the ufc. I mean, Sean McCorkle finished him for god sakes. Who would have thought Hunt would win 4 fights in a row after that and be close to a title shot? Not me. Hunt added to the Pride atmosphere last night and his win had me going crazy. There aren't too many options for him at this point. He's either 1 fight away from a title shot or next in line for a title shot depending on how Werdum/Big Nog goes down. If I had my way though, I'd have Hunt fight the winner of JDS and Overeem for a title shot. Either fight would be great to see.

Stefan Struve - Tough night for Struve. I can't pick one of his fights right to save my life. He needed to win this fight on the ground and even when he got it there he looked bad. Very sloppy performance from the big man. The way he fights he should be 6'6 tops. Unfortunately he's much taller than that and he still doesn't know how to utilize his gifts. He has a lot of work to do but thankfully he's still pretty young. I think he should fight Ben Rothwell next. Both guys looked bad in their last fights.

Diego Sanchez - Personally I don't think he won last night. This was right up there with his John Hathaway performance. He looked bad plan and simple. Gomi is a solid fighter but he's not near the top of the division. Sanchez has a lot of work to do if he's going to rise in the rankings at 155. Calling out Nate Diaz, a guy that ran through Gomi not too long ago is not the best choice imo. I think he should fight someone lower in the rankings. A Jamie Varner fight sounds fun to me.

Takanori Gomi - Gomi deserved to win last night. If he had it would have added to the Hunt and Wandy wins and made the event that much more special. He looked much better than I thought he would. He definitely proved with his last two fights that he has something left. I've been wanting to see him fight Melvin Guillard for a long time now. This seems like the perfect time to set that fight up.

Yushin Okami - Nice win for Okami. It wasn't spectacular by any means and he ended up throwing away another 3rd round and almost getting finished but a win is a win. Especially over a guy like Lombard. Okami has quietly put together a 3 fight win streak now including wins over two guys that had a lot of hype behind them. I don't ever need to see Okami fight Anderson Silva again but it's good for him to keep winning over tough guys for when Silva decides to hang up the gloves. Okami should be in line for a big fight next. Have him fight the Jacare/Phillipou winner.

Hector Lombard - Things aren't looking good for Lombard. He's 1-2 in the ufc right now and he gets paid a lot. He might be in danger of being cut. I'd like to see him get at least one more fight though. The Belcher/Bisping loser seems like the perfect fight for him.

Rani Yahya - I'm disappointed in myself for being so sure of him, then switching to Hirota. Not a smart choice on my part. Yahya picked up a solid win and continues making me feel stupid for picking against him. Being 3-1 in the ufc is not a bad place to be. I'd like to see him fight Dennis Bermudez next. That seems like it would be a very interesting matchup that would be tough to pick.

Mizuto Hirota - Not a good debut. He was overwhelmed early and had a tough time getting back in the fight. I thought he'd have more of a strength advantage. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. With all these cuts lately I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him be one and done. If he's not though have him fight Yaotzin Meza or someone like that.

Dong Hyun Kim - I've heard talk of DHK being a boring fighter. I disagree with it and I thought he had an excellent performance last night. Siyar is tough and can put someone out easily on the feet. Kim played it smart and got the dominate win. He was able to get mount so easily and although he couldn't finish he was close on a couple of occasions. Solid win that sets him up with a top opponent. The Ellenberger/Marquardt winner or loser would be a great fight. Tarec Saffiedine wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Siyar Bahadurzada - Not a good showing from Siyar. He had no answer for Kim's top control or takedowns. He's a killer on the feet but once you put him on his back he's probably going to lose. He needs a lot of work on his defensive grappling if he wants to win against the top guys at Welterweight. A lot of those guys will put him on his back. I think the Hardy/Brown loser makes the most sense for him now.

Brad Tavares - Solid win for Tavares. He's grown a lot since his days on TUF and looks better every fight. Fukuda is no joke and he got the better of him everywhere. I think he's ready for a bit of a step up in competition. Tim Boetsch doesn't have an opponent lined up and although he lost his last fight he's still a good step up from Fukuda.

Riki Fukuda - He came up short last night despite is a decent effort on his part. He seems like a guy destined to be in the middle of the pack. I can't see him doing much more than that. I still enjoy watching him fight though and I hope the ufc agrees with me. The Lawlor/Kuiper loser would be a fun fight either way.

Takeya Mizugaki - He put on a great fight against a tougher opponent than I thought he'd have. Mizugaki landed a lot of solid shots standing and showed some pretty nice takedown defence too. It was a very close fight and could have gone either way but it was nice to see him string two wins together finally. I think he's always been a top guy at Bantamweight. The Cariaso loss was bs imo and I still feel that way now. I think Takeya should fight Raphael Assuncao next. Winner gets a big step up in competition.

Bryan Caraway - He looked much better than I thought he would. You could make a case for him winning this fight. Very close. I don't think his stock should drop that much. The Easton/Pickett loser makes sense to me. Or Ivan Menjivar.

Kazuki Tokudome - Solid win for the mostly unknown Tokudome. He's earned himself another fight in the ufc, hopefully another one in Japan. Renee Forte would be a good fight.

Christiano Marcello - Please cut this guy so I can stop picking his fights. He's not ufc level. He should be 0-3 in the ufc right now.

Alex Caceres - Tough fight for Lee Roy. His opponent made it very close and exposed a few major weaknesses in his game. Caceres needs a ton of work on his takedown defence. He gives them up way too easily making fights closer than they need to be. He's improved a lot over the last couple of years though and has cemented his roll in the ufc's Bantamweight division. I'd say he deserves a step up but that fight was just too close for that. Hugo Viana would be a crazy fight.

Kyung Ho Kang - He showed some solid takedowns and decent grappling but I'm not sure he deserves the hype he was getting before this fight. He earned another fight imo but I'm not convinced. Chico Camus would be a good next step. If he loses that one then let him go.

Hyun Gyu Lim - I missed the 1st round of this one but from what I saw Lim looked good. He was huge, he easily shrugged off most of the takedown attempts and he hit a beautiful knee. I like his game and I'm more impressed with him than I thought I'd be. Nah-Shon Burrell seems like the best option for him imo.

Marcelo Guimaraes - He's in a tough spot now. 1-1 in the ufc with the split being a controversial win over a guy nowhere near the ufc level. With all these cuts I can't see them keeping him.
3/3/13 6:25:40PM
Wandy vs Cung Le...has that already happened? Forrest or Lil Nog would be cool too.
Stann, Watson just because he talked shit on Wandy.
Diego, whatever...go ahead and give him Nate and watch his ass get dropped.
Gomi, how about he welcomes Eddie Alvarez to the UFC.
Hunt, I would like to see him play Rock'em Sock'em with Nelson.
Struve, how about Gonzaga?
Okami vs Phillippou should be cool.
Lombard vs anyone who is willing to bang really.
DHK vs anyone who can wrestle.
Siyar vs an stylistic striker, someone with versatility you know.
3/3/13 8:10:11PM
Hendo vs Wandy 3 would be awesome.
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