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POLL: More Draws or Extra Round
More Draws 12% (3)
Extra Round 68% (17)
Meh 20% (5)
3/18/08 6:46:00PM
a few that come to mind

cote VS leben
tyson VS guida
tito VS forrest
hellboy VS yves
penn VS st. pierre
ortiz VS belfort
diaz VS parisyan
yves VS franca 1 & 2
hunt VS wandy
rampage VS ninja
ricco VS nog

i wont dare say bisping VS hamill cus HAMILL WON!!
3/18/08 6:54:41PM
I thought Ninja clearly beat Rampage and I also thought that Guida beat Tyson. It's a good list, as most could have gone either way.
3/18/08 6:58:31PM
On both.

I know they went 5 but I thought Rampage vs Hendo was rediculously close (not to take anything from Rampage).
3/18/08 6:59:11PM
Penn vs. St. Pierre definatley a draw

Big Tim vs. Vera - Vera won the first two 10-9 then Tim won the last round 10-8

Vitor vs. Tito - Vitor won the second round 10-8, Tito won 1 and 3 10-9

Rampage vs. Hendo - 2 rounds a piece and one round even
3/18/08 7:04:05PM

Posted by chickmagnet

Rampage vs. Hendo - 2 rounds a piece and one round even

this is how i felt but rampage is the champ so they gave him the benefit of being champ, i'd like to see a 2nd match
3/18/08 7:20:33PM
Tito and Forrest...for sure

and well Rashad and Tito was a draw but Tito hurt himself by grabbing the cage.
3/18/08 7:50:40PM
How abou Rampage Linland; I would have liked to see one more round
3/18/08 8:01:20PM
I tought Hunt beat wandy , close but i'd still give it to hunt, also tought hellboy beat yves, tyson/guida was close but i tought tyson did enough to take the fight. Penn vs St.Pierre i would have like to see another round, pretty close fight. I also tought Ninja Beat Page, but would have rather seen a draw than ninja loosing, But whatever, shogun made him pay the next fight
3/19/08 12:45:34PM
I was at the Rampage vs Lindland fight and I definetly wouldnt have minded seeing two more rounds. I thought Rampage won, by I realize that I am a bit biased. The crowd was pretty even in its support thats fo sho. I will say that the fight looked closer when I watched the tape at home.
3/19/08 1:31:01PM
Rampage-Lindland was amazingly close. When I saw the fight I was upset that either man won. That bwas a definite draw IMO. I couldn't find a reason to give either the win, it was SO close.

Tito and Forrest for sure. Tito won round one, Forrest obviously round two, but round three was even but they gave it to Ortiz for the takedown even though Forrest did more on his back.

Hermes-Yves 1& 2, both were ridiculously close!!
3/19/08 2:32:18PM
Kid vs Fernandes was really close....would of loved to see another round of that
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