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11/17/13 2:48:34PM
Georges St. Pierre - Johny Hendricks rematch or Retire - One of the two has to happen next for Georges. I do agree with the majority that Hendricks took round 1, 2 & 4. I'm sure it'll be tough for GSP to call it a career and I don't see him formally announcing that decision for a little while. He still looked like the GSP we know it's Hendricks had success stuffing the TD's and landing the harder shots. He didn't look so overpowering yesterday and was clearly for once not the stronger guy, I am a bit confused on where he'll go from here but if he does call it a career, then it was awesome watching him over the years and it's a little unfortunate it has to end with such controversy.
Johny Hendricks - Georges St. Pierre or Robbie Lawler (if title is vacated) - Bigg Rigg showed up yesterday and I think he did enough to earn that belt. In some fights we see that the challenger does well and maybe should win the fight but doesn't really take it to the champ enough to be a clear winner. In this fight Hendricks showed up and gave Georges the hardest fight he has had in a very long time. No doubt in my mind he will hold that strap one day. Taking Georges down, landing on him consistently and what surprised me the most was that he stayed competetive til the very end, not showing much fatigue.

Rashad Evans - Jones/Teixeira loser or Daniel Cormier - It is honestly so tough to say where he goes from here since he's basically fought ALL the top guys in the division. He looked pretty dominant and it was nice to see him fight with some urgency again. I hope his fire is back and he can get a nice little streak going while showing off his killer instinct
Chael Sonnen - Wanderlei Silva - I was pretty unimpressed with him unfortunately. He says he is going back down to 185 which would be better for him as clearly the bigger grappler man handled him last night. Anyone know if the Silva fight is going to be at 185? I hope so for Chael's sake.

Robbie Lawler - Johny Hendricks or Condit/Brown winner - So impressed with the ruthless one tonight! Ever since he's been back he has just been awesome. He beat up Rory nicely and turned it on in the third round which is definitely what won him the fight. I wasn't too surprised he couldn't finish Rory since he's tough as hell but he closed the distance and hurt him bad! Can't wait to see more from Robbie, he's got an awesome attitude and the most fan friendly style out there.
Rory MacDonald - Thiago Alves or Brown/Condit loser - He looked like I expected him to tbh. He showed some good wrestling which I think he should have used a little more but on the feet he looked good early but really needs more output I think, or he's going to have a lot of these close decision fights throughout his career. Hopefully this lights a fire under him and we see him look like he did earlier in his UFC career.

Tyron Woodley - Ellenberger/Saffiedine winner or Dong Hyun Kim - Huge KO from Woodley! He looked awesome, ate some big shots, and landed big time! He looked like he was tiring near the end of the round but then finished him off. If he can work on improving his cardio he's going to be a dangerous fight for anyone at welterweight.
Josh Koscheck - Retire - I mean he could stick around but by the sounds of it I think he's gonna call it a career which sucks but I'd rather not see him get viciously knocked out anymore than he has to. He's been around forever and he's done quite a bit for the sport, I've always liked him and if we don't see him again, he will be missed

Ali Bagautinov - John Lineker or Ian McCall - Ali definitely looked better than I thought he would out there. He has what it takes to challenge for a title some day I think. A fight or two more and I could see him with a title shot in what is a thin but talented division. He outclassed a top guy, and definitely should get a big fight next.
Tim Elliot - Jussier Formiga or Phil Harris - He didn't look great, had his moments with some decent combos and a close guillotine. He needs to work on his striking a lot, his unorthadox style is good enough but his slapping punches and head first stance aren't too effective.

Donald Cerrone - Barboza/Castillo winner or Tibau/Johnson winner - He looked crazy good. He says he's got that fire back and basically everytime he wins he looks like a new cowboy. Hopefully he can continue this success after being the first guy to submit one of the toughest LW's out there. War Cowboy!
Evan Dunham - Diaz/Maynard loser or Takanori Gomi - Not much to say except he got out worked. He'll be back though, never get tired of Dunham fights.

Thales Leites - Tim Boetsch or Cezar Mutante - Missed the fight but from reading the play by play it looks like he grinded him out in the grappling department. Herman is tough so it wasn't a surprise we didn't see a finish but ya, Leites is having a successful return to the UFC so far
Ed Herman - Andrew Craig or Chris Camozzi - Tough last few fights for the scrappy veteran. He'll need a win in his next fight imo not to keep his job but to basically stay relevant.

Rick Story - Cote/Noke winner or Stephen Thompson - He looked awesome, big power punches and nice use of distance. Couldn't finish Ebersole but he is tough as nails so not too surprising. Good win for him!
Brian Ebersole - Nick Catone or Pascal Krauss - Didn't look greata after that long layoff. It'll be tough to say where he'll go from here after two losses in fights he looked pretty bad. I hope he sticks around though

Erik Perez - Bryan Caraway or Wilson Reis - Dominant victory. He showed off some great takedowns and top control along with his already sweet striking. He has a bright future, and he picked the right camp to help develop his skills even more
Edwin Figueroa - Cut - It would surprised me if he kept his job after losing 3 straight (arguably 4) and getting dominated here.

Jason High - Sergio Moraes - pretty intense fight. Barely came through with the win. But ya he's going to need to work on his conditioning or not go all out with every guillotine lol. He did look pretty good so he'll get a step up next fight
Anthony Lapsley - Santiago Ponzinibbio - He had his moments, but got out wrestler by the better guy.

Sergio Pettis - Dustin Ortiz - Should he move back to his natural weight class I think they should keep buiding him up slowly. No need to rush him. He looked great! Happy from what I saw in his debut. Campuzano is a solid guy whose been around the game for a while so getting this win was big for him.
Will Campuzano - Louis Gaudinot - He's a natural flyweight too right? If so than I think he will do well. He's got solid wrestling and that'll help him against smaller guys. Tough fight for him on short notice but he didn't look too bad.

Gian Villante - Robert Drysdale or Francimar Barosso - Missed the fight so not much to say.
Cody Donovan - Cut or Ilir Latifi
11/17/13 3:39:25PM
Nice follow up, I'd like to throw in my 2c

GSP: Stripped of the belt, mmediate rematch, immediate fight vs condit/brown loser, or cut
11/17/13 6:15:16PM
GSP vs Hendricks. I think after things settle down this is the only fight that makes since.

Rashod Evans-I'm thinking Gustafsson. With Jones and Texeira being pushed back even further these 2 might square off simply because there are a lack of top contenders and Rashod has fought a lot of guys in the top 10 already. Another match I think could happen is DC vs Phil Davis. And if that happens, more reason why we could see Evans vs Gustaffson.

Chael Sonnen-Wanderlei Silva for sure. No brainer. I see a possible catch weight or maybe at 185lbs. But who knows.

Robbie Lawler-My first reaction is Condit/Brown winner. Second option is Ellenberger/Saffedine winner. And of course Hendricks is a possibility but I don't think that one is next.

Rory MacDonald- I told my brother last night I think we'll see Rory vs Damien Maia.

Tyrone Woodley-I'm not sure. Maybe Ellenberger/Saffedine winner or Hector Lombard.

Josh Koscheck-Big ? there. Dana mentioned he like for him to stay around and the possibility of retirement is possible. If not I think he'll get pitched an easy fight to put him back in the win column. Names like Lance Benoit, Ildemar Alcantara, Justin Edwards, Pascal Krauss, etc. If he can't get it done there on a prelim then yeah time to go.

Ali Bagautinov-I agree with John Lineker if he can make weight. Ali surprised me yesterday. I figured Elliot's pace and TD's would be too much.

Tim Elliot-There's not a lot to choose from, maybe Darrell Montague. Both guys coming off loses. Both share a common lose against Dodson.

Nice list DD.
11/17/13 7:50:46PM
I'd like to see woodley fight ellenberger or rory.

Kos should take some time off but not retire.

GSP vs psychologist. sounds like he's a little bit of a head case right now.

lawler vs condit

chael vs wandy

rashad vs Gus
11/17/13 8:55:41PM
One more thing that could happen for Rashod. I think, depending on who he is matched up against, could be one more win away from a title shot.

What's gonna end up happening is top contenders will end up knocking each other from the top.

It'll be real tough for him either way. If he's matched up against Gustafsson or possibly DC, he could lose either way.
11/18/13 1:13:09AM
Good write up: My take on GSP, give the dude a fucking minute everyone...jeez! He fought a very hard fight, is very emotional, feels like he lost etc...give him a minute. If he does not retire (on his own terms) then give him a minute. Look a dude doesn't fight to defend his title for a year then strip him and establish an interim in the meantime. The interim gets defended and it is solidified IMO.
For the WW division I'd love a tourney with Hendricks, Condit, Woodley, Lawler, Ellenberger, Lombard, and a couple others that my brain can't pull up right now.
Rashad: tons of fun for him, T. Silva (unfinished business).
Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva please ( I think its at 195 lbs).
Rory Mac, I'd like to see vs Tarec.
11/18/13 3:22:08AM
GSP - Rematch with Johny Hendricks or Retirement

Johny Hendricks - Rematch with GSP or winner of Matt Brown - Carlos Condit

Rashad Evans - Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante

Chael Sonnen - TUF Brazil 3 & fight afterwards with Wanderlei Silva

Robbie Lawler - Hector Lombard

Rory MacDonald - Demian Maia

Tyron Woodley - Rick Story

Josh Koscheck - Retirement or Nate Marquardt

Donald Cerrone - Winner of Pat Healy - Bobby Green or drops to FW

Evan Dunham - Diego Sanchez
11/19/13 10:54:01AM
My Christmas wish list:

Georges St. Pierre - Retire.

Johny Hendricks vs Robbie Lawler

Rashad Evans vs Daniel Cormier

Chael Sonnen vs Mark Munoz

Robbie Lawler vs Johny Hendricks

Rory MacDonald vs Demian Maia

Tyron Woodley vs Hector Lombard

Ali Bagautinov vs John Dodson

Donald Cerrone vs Nate Diaz rematch

Thales Leites vs Francis Carmont

Rick Story vs Brandon Thatch

Erik Perez vs Alex Caceres