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2/3/08 1:24:37AM
I say:
Lesnar vs. Sylvia
Werdum vs. Mir (winner takes Nogueira)
Winner of Kongo vs. Herring vs. winner of Arlovski vs. O'Brien

WAR Arlovski
2/3/08 1:52:09AM
Werdum already has the next shot locked up

As for Brock, either give him a can, or if they just wanted him to draw WWE fans, they can feed him to a striker w/ take down defense (Timmah/CC) and see if he has a chin. If he gets KO'ed, he'll be out but at least some of the WWE fans will stay

Did AA re-sign? I thought he was out after O'brian
2/3/08 1:54:57AM
Frank Mir Vs. Tim Sylvia 2 (Mir wins via sub)
Brock Lesnar Vs. Mirko Cro Cop (Cro Cop wins via KO)
2/3/08 3:45:12AM
lesnars gonna get someone like Eddie Sanchez. A slow striker who won't be a threat on the ground. He needs a few of these type fights to prove his worth,showcase his ground control,speed and strength, and test his ability to take damage from a less threatening opponent.

Mir vs Sylvia 2
Nog vs Werdum
2/3/08 8:44:06AM
the problem with mir vs sylvia 2 is that it sets up a situation where timmy is fighting nog a little too soon for my tastes. i love mir and nog but seeing the two of them fight doesnt get me all excited either. perhaps mir vs the winner of kongo-herring...sylvia vs CC would be fun.
2/3/08 9:27:44AM

Posted by Jujiden

I say:
Lesnar vs. Sylvia
Werdum vs. Mir (winner takes Nogueira)
Winner of Kongo vs. Herring vs. winner of Arlovski vs. O'Brien

WAR Arlovski

I totaly agree with Lesnar VS Sylvia.That could be interesting.
2/3/08 11:58:46AM
It will be interesting to see if anybody can stuff a Lesnar takedown,he looked crazy fast last night ,but just not that smart.
2/3/08 12:08:21PM
I would like to see Mir vs Nog but I think Werdum has the leg up even though he was already beat by Nog.

2/3/08 12:34:15PM
Matchups I would like to see.

Mir vs. Kongo/Herring Winner
Slyvia vs. Gonzaga
Lesnar vs. Cro Crop

I'm also wondering if the Nog vs. Werdum will be a headline event (like another title fight). Because if it is I'm hoping they have a good card under it otherwise I don't think I'd buy it.
2/3/08 1:16:06PM
i dont really want to see the lesnar/CC fight because i just cant see anyone in the hw division being able to avoid his take down and that could make for a tough night for CC. when CC fights i want to see some stand up, not him being put on his back repeatedly
2/3/08 1:20:10PM
he better watch going for takedowns like he did lastnight. He makes a habit out of that and he is going to taste the better part of someones knee.
2/3/08 1:22:23PM
I'd like to see Cro Cop back in it, but I'd rather see him against Brandon Vera as opposed to Lesnar.
2/3/08 1:27:15PM
Verdum already has the next title shot locked up if I'm not mistaken?
I think Sylvia will take on Gonzaga, both are coming off two high profile losses.
I think that Lesnar will get either someone like Hardonk or Sanchez, or the loser of the Herring/Kongo fight. I don't think they'd put CC and Lesnar against each other so soon, they're both huge investments.
2/3/08 1:33:19PM
My dream is:
Cro Cop vs Vera-doubt it will happen since Cro Cop is a huge investment and so is Vera
Nog vs Werdum- it should be a great fight
Tim vs Gonzaga- I think Tim wins, but if GG can submit tim the UFC woulden't mind
Mir vs Sanchez- Eddies been winning, and Mir should be able to take it but either way it's win win for the UFC
Lesnar vs Hardonk- Lesnar should win by GnP and show he can deal win a good striker.

I do think it will be Cro Cop vs Hardonk, and Lesnar vs Sao Palelie or another C level guy just to get him rolling, or if Kongo loses then they'll feed him to Lesnar.
2/3/08 1:46:04PM
CC vs Sylvia would be sick

Lesnar vs Hardonk or Sanchez would be a good fight too

the heavyweight division seems a lot more exciting after last night
2/3/08 7:53:37PM
I don't think the UFC should give Werdum the title shot. I know they say he's already got it but Nog/Werdum doesn't appeal to me yet. Werdum should face Mir with Kongo getting the shot if he beats Herring. If Kongo loses, then Werdum should have the shot. Arlovski will not be given a shot until he signs a new deal. From what I've heard, this is his last fight on his current contract. Kongo has a 5-1 UFC record with his one loss being a split decision. Logically, Kongo shoudl get the shot but I'm guessing Nog gets the easy submission with Kongo's poor ground game but still he deserves his shot. So,

Nog vs. Kongo (if he beats Herring)
Mir vs. Werdum (Winner gets shot at belt)

I'd also like to see Lesnar/Sylvia. Let's just hope Big Tim continues to fight like he did last night and Lesnar comes out crazy like he did against Mir. It'd quick and exciting but who gets stopped would be anyone's guess. However, I see Lesnar being thrown in there with a sub-par opponent to build him up.
2/4/08 11:39:42AM
Lesnar vs tim would be fun to watch but imo tim would get killed on the ground like always with lesnars strength and wrestling ability as well as the crazy speed he had the other night i think it would be an easy fight for lesnar as tim looks to be worse and worse everytime he fights he has no ground game at all his giant stumbly awkward looking legs beg for takedowns and the guys hands just dont seem to be doing anything anymore lesnar looks to be stronger than tim and he could probably muscle him around beter than nog did if it comes down to cardio and lesnar doesnt have it it wont matter that much becuase neither does sylvia this would be a great match up for lesnar although i think it might be a tad bit premature as its another big name fight for lesnar and i would like to see him "smoosh" some smaller guys before beating up tim.
2/4/08 12:51:01PM
Cro Cop vs Hardonk is a match up i would like to see. It would be great on the feet. i believe though Cro Cop might want to take it to the ground.His ground game is not the greatest but Hardonk is terrible on the ground. Hardonks stand up is very very good though. With the heavyweight division being as it is know....Cro-Cop is a only a win or two away from being right near the top agian (i.e. Werdum).

2/4/08 3:26:25PM
I know it is unlikely but this could pull Randy out of retirement again. If so:

Randy vs. Nog
Tim vs. Lesnar
Werdum vs. Vera
CC vs. AA

Or maybe those are just my dream match ups.
2/4/08 3:30:11PM
I would not throw Lesnar to the wolves just yet, let him get some cans to beat then a good striker or sub guys and see how he does. Think Mir deserves a chance to get his title back, think Tim has had to many chances at the title, he has to many weaknesses for experienced fighters. There are allot of interesting match ups finally the HWD is getting more exciting.
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2/4/08 6:05:04PM

Posted by MMALifer

I would like to see Mir vs Nog but I think Werdum has the leg up even though he was already beat by Nog.

can mir handle kongo......i think he can handle heath, off his back
2/19/08 1:52:01PM
mir vs the winner of kongo and herring

winner of that faces nog i think.. unless arlovski re-signs then winner of mir vs kongo/herring faces AA
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