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12/12/11 1:36:06PM
I know this is usually knockout's thing but the Playground has been pretty slow this morning and I'm dying to come up with some matches


Jon Jones - I'm honestly happy with either a Rashad Evans or a Dan Henderson match up. In my opinion Jones finishes both fights. If Evans beats Davis impressively I say give him the fight. If Evans has a poor performance or loses give Hendo the fight. We're going to see a great fight either way.

Frank Mir - This is tricky. I want to say Cain Velasquez but can the ufc really risk ruining Mir's 3 fight win streak? Especially since Velasquez lost in just over a minute to JDS very recently. Their rematch is tough to sell even with a win over Mir. If Brock over Overeem has a poor performance in a win then maybe just give Mir the title shot.

Lil Nog - That was a pretty solid win for him. Putting Tito on your resume most of the time leads to good things. I'd like to see him against Bonnar to be honest. That's a fantastic fight night headliner or co-headliner.

Brian Ebersole - Not his best performance. I had him losing but oh well. That'll be 3 wins in a row now. Not too shabby. Let's see him face the Shields vs. Akiyama winner.

The Korean Zombie - After his quick knockout of Mark Hominick I can't stop raving about this guy. He's insane. Under the Zuffa banner he's had the FOTY, the SOTY (The first twister submission in ufc history) and now he's tied the ufc record for the fastest knockout over a guy that just fought for the title before this. That's incredible. I say throw him into another big fight right away and if he can come out on top give him Aldo (If he beats Mendes). That fight would be all kinds of epic. As for his next fight, how about the Nunes/Manny winner.

Igor Pokrajac - Crazy win. I didn't see that coming at all. I don't even know here. Two wins in a row. Um, how about Brandon Vera?

Constantinos Philippou - Great win over a very tough Hamman. He's riding a decent 2 fight win streak. Ed Herman is a good fight for him.

Dennis Hallman - I was hoping he'd lose. I'm not a big fan of the guy. He keeps doing stupid things. I don't think he should fight at LW but how about Bocek

Yves Jabouin - I don't think he beat Watson but oh well again. He should fight Ivan Menjivar next. That'd be a great fight.

Mark Bocek - See Hallman

Jake Hecht - Great come from behind victory for the newcomer. That's a solid win to have in your debut. I'd like to see him and Lance Benoist go at it.

John Cholish - Nice debut for him as well. Maybe Shane Roller


Machida - Machida looked pretty good in the first round. That elbow really screwed him though. He's 1-3 in his last 4 fights so that's not very good. Let's see him fight the loser of Evans/Davis

Big Nog - I don't know if we'll see Big Nog back in the UFC. I still wouldn't mind a Big Nog/Cro Cop fight the next time the ufc is in Japan, just saying.

Tito - Retire Please.

Claude Patrick - He looked pretty good against Ebersole. I scored the fight in favour of him and I don't want to see him take a step down in competition. Let's see him fight Rick Story

Mark Hominick - Tough loss. That's two in a row unfortunately. He could use a win. I want to see him fight the Koch/Poirier loser.

K Sos - Very tough loss for him. He's in a bad place right now in his career and his job might be in jeopardy fairly soon. A fight with Kingsbury could be a good match up.

Hamman - Tough break for Hamman. He can't really get anything going in the ufc. Feed him to Carmont.

Wael Watson - This guy has a lot to learn but he could be a title challenger some day. I like his body type for BW and like I said before, I think he beat Jabouin. He should fight the Bruce Leeroy/Figueroa winner

Nick Lentz - Not good Lentz, not good. I smell a good feeder fight for Sherk when he finally returns.

Rich Attonito - If he didn't get hit with that elbow I might be singing his praises right now, but this is mma and shit happens. Matt Brown wouldn't be a terrible fight.

Mitch Clarke - Tough luck for the young Canadian. Give him a fight with a newcomer.
12/12/11 2:10:04PM
Jones- same i wouldn't mind Evans or Henderson, but kinda hoping for Hendo

Machida- Forrest Griffin maybe

Frank Mir- If Mir doesn't want to wait around for title shot then Cain makes sense

Big Nog- Retire :(

Lil Nog- i'd like to see him fight Thiago Silva since he's supposed to be back at begining of 2012

Tito- Retire :'(

Ebersole- Shields v Akiyama winner makes sense^

Korean Zombie- Winner of Koch v Poirer

Hominick- Gamburyan-Nunes loser

Pokrijac- Perosh

K-sos- Diabate i'd like to see

Costa(can't spell last or first name lol)- Court Mcgee

Hallman- Castillo v Njoukuani winner

Yves- Michael Mcdonald would be good for him

Mark Bocek- Barboza v Etim loser maybe? can't think right now lol

12/12/11 3:38:43PM
I'll say this again.

Please don't make Ortiz/Griffin 3
12/12/11 4:16:42PM
I will do main card only

Jones- davis/evans winner
Machida- stephan bonnar

Ortiz- griffin
Lil nog- thiago silva

Mir- velasquez
Big nog- nelson or kongo

Ebersole- rick story
Patrick- sean pierson/kim winner

Korean zombie- poierier/koch winner for next title shot
Homminck - will be on montreal card vs gamburyen/nunes winner
12/12/11 7:03:16PM
I wouldn't count it as my thing. I haven't done one in a few months now. lol Nice match-ups though!

And yes, Tito. PLEASE retire.
12/12/11 7:41:43PM
I don't know why everybody wants Big Nog to retire, he's still competitive in fights and I wouldn't have complained if they stopped the Mir fight because I though Mir was out, and I'm a big Mir fan. I though Schaub would beat him and he surprised me. If Wandy can stay around why can't Nog.
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