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POLL: Which LW match at UFC 78 will be the best (please read post before voting)
Luke Caudillo vs. Marcus Aurielo 0% (0)
Jason Reinhardt vs. Joe Lauzon 10% (4)
Frank Edgar vs. Spencer Fisher 90% (38)
11/2/07 10:16:43AM
I, like a lot of you, have fallen in love with the UFC's lightweight divison. UFC 78 has three LW matchups, and I was wondering what a lot of you thought about which would be the best. I know, I know, the Edgar/Fisher is the most hyped match, but that's not the question. I'm asking which FIGHT will be the BEST. Which one will everybody be talking about on the day after the event? Which will lead us into the hyperbole that it's the best match of the year? Which will blow the roof off of the building? So please don't vote for Edgar/Fisher unless you think it meets this criteria. Here's a little about each match.

Luke Caudillo (15-8 ) vs. Marcus Aurelio (14-5)
Caudillo is a wrestler who likes to GnP. His first fight in the UFC was a loss to Nate Mohr at UFN 10. Aurielo is a BJJ expert that fights with American Top Team. He has lost three fights in a row, including two in Pride to Gomi and Ishida, and his UFC debut to Clay Guida. He has also beaten Gomi beofre my arm triangle.

Jason Reinhardt (18-0) vs. Joe Lauzon (14-3)
Reinhardt is a 38-year-old BJJ and wrestling expert. He's listed on Sherdog as a 135 fighter, so he's moving up 20 pounds for this fight. None of his wins are over big names. Lauzon was a cast memeber on TUF 5, and he was one of the favorites. He lost to Manny Gamburyan in the semis before a dream match between him and Nate Diaz could take place. He's a submission fighter, and holds a win over Jens Pulver. He's only 23.

Frank Edgar (7-0) vs. Spencer Fisher (21-3)
The winner of this fight immediately becomes a serious contender for the UFC LW title. Edgar is a wrestler and he has a win over Tyson Griffin at UFC 67. Fisher is a MFS fighter (boo) much in the same mold as Jens Pulver; he like to stand up. He's 5-2 in the UFC, with wins over Sam Stout, Thiago Alves, Matt Wiman, Dan Lauzon, and Aaron Riley.
11/5/07 9:58:04AM
The Fisher versus Edgar fight is oe of the only fights im actually looking forward to on this card i think Spencer will win.
11/5/07 10:17:49AM
yep this was a nice idea but really he main lw fight is the only exciting one, both lauzon and aurellio will win their fights fairly easily but the other is really competative, nice try in talking up the other fights and making a poll out of it but its clear what will be the best tbh

Im not sure that the LW division is as good as people make out, its still behind the WW imho which has better quality fighter between higher skilled fighters, but still LOL at fallen in love with it, had you not seen lw fights before or something? jj, but I spose all the new fans that came in while the UFC had no lw division are surprised at how good it is but really shouldnt be as the last lw fight in the UFC before the hiatus was the very exciting and brutal ko of Thomson by Yves at UFC 49
11/5/07 6:47:34PM
I agree i think spencer will win this fight and it will be the most exciting because fisher always puts on a good performance as does edgar. This should put the winner very close to a title shot but then again who knows whats goin to happen after Penn and Joe Daddy fight
11/5/07 11:30:40PM
Fisher and Edgar have the makings to be fight of the night. Fisher always comes in with a killer mentality and Edgar has brought it in his UFC appearances as well including his classic bout with Tyson Griffin. Fighting in his home state of Jersey, Edgar will be pumped and eager to please, and Fisher motivated to not please the Newark crowd.

Should be action packed and fast paced.
11/6/07 12:11:02AM
Edgar vs Fisher would be my pick.. I'm just worried that Fisher won't be much of a match compared to Edgar to make it a fight worth seeing.
11/7/07 3:50:56AM
I am going with Edgar /Fisher, but I beleive Huerta/Guida will be even more exciting.
11/7/07 10:08:39AM
definitly fisher/edgar
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