What other fights should be on the UFC 111 main card?

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3/25/10 4:12:06PM
I'm just a little disappointed because I'm actually buying this event and was looking foward to Jake-Ben and Matt Brown vs Ricardo Alemdia the most besides the big 3 fights but neither of them is on the main card anymore, even after Fitch-Saunders was made. They just bumped up Kurt Pellegrin-Fabricio Camoes which definitely could be a sick fight but Kurt didn't have that great of a fight last time but Matt Brown always brings it and so does Almedia. I kind of wish they would just bump Mark Bocek-Jim Miller down even though Jim Miller is on the way up.

But who knows, fights end early which lets great prelims show anyway. What fights did you wanna see on the main card?
3/25/10 4:24:19PM
I dont mind seeing Pelley on the main card but I just wish he had a bigger named opponent to be on the main card.

Edit: I guess fitch is facing Killa B on the main card.

Then Diaz/Markham, Brown/Almeida are on spike prelims.
3/25/10 4:29:26PM
Either Diaz and Markham or Saunders and Fitch should definitely be on the main card IMO
3/25/10 10:03:20PM
i don't blame you i was thinking paul harris for sure

now i am gonna see a boring lay and prey 15 min decsion by batman

you add a possible 15 min match between miller vs bocek and saunders vs fitch and i am not as excited anymore

i did hear when ufc promoted the spike free prelims they can't change the fights on it for some reason or else for sure one of those fights would have been added to the main card

i wanted drwal vs palhares over miller vs bocek pellegrino vs camones
and fitch vs saunders

only reason why they picked pellegrino is cause it's hometown and he is riding a 3 fight win streak but so is drwal as well and paul harris is 3-1 in the ufc as well better fight
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