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POLL: intriguing matchups?
yes forsure 35% (6)
for the most part they make sense 53% (9)
so so 12% (2)
not really 0% (0)
not at all 0% (0)
7/10/08 2:31:24AM
Rich Clementi vs Gray Maynard (clementi coming off a win over terry etim and sam stout / Maynard coming off a win over frankie edgar)

Wilson Gouveia or Keith Jardine vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (Gouveia coming off a tko loss to Goran Reljic, last win impressive ko over jason lambert/jardine coming off ko loss to wanderlei last win ud over liddell / sokoudjou coming off a win over nakamura and a previous loss to machida)

Spencer Fisher vs Melvin Guillard (Spencer coming off a win over Jeremy Stephens/Guillard coming off a win over dennis Siver -this fight is a slugfest waiting to happen)

Mark Bocek vs Cole Miller (Cole coming off an impressive win over jorge gurgel/bocek coming off a loss to mac danzig however showed tons of heart and skill)

Manny Gamburyan vs Kurt Pellegrino (manny coming off a destruction of jeff cox/ pellegrino off a loss to nate diaz)

Matt Wiman vs. Gleison Tibau (Wiman off an impressive KO of Thiago Tavares/Tibau coming off a loss to joe daddy and tyson, last win over terry etim)

Matt Brown vs Jonathan Goulet (Brown coming off an impressive tko over Matt Arroyo and a big show of heart in that last fight/Goulet coming off tko win over Kuniyoshi Hironaka)

Dustin Hazelett vs winner of Ryo Chonan vs Roan Carneiro Hazelett coming off very impressive armbar win over burkman)

Alessio Sakara vs Jorge Rivera (sakara coming off tko loss to leben last win tko against james lee/rivera coming off submission loss to martin kampmann last win impressive ko of kendall grove)

Dean Lister vs Kendall Grove (lister coming off impressive submission win over jeremy horn, kendall coming off decisive win over evan tanner)

Nate Quarry vs Martin Kampmann (quarry coming off joke win over kalib starnes, last impressive win was pete sell/kampmann coming over submission win over jorge rivera)

Luigi Fioravanti vs Paul Taylor (luigi coming off loss to sanchez, still looked good last win over luke cummo/paul taylor coming off win over jess liaudin)

Luiz Cane vs Stephan Bonnar [when healthy] (cane coming off impressive tko of jason lambert/bonnar coming back from injury off two wins, last big win was keith jardine)

Cheick Kongo vs Cain Velasquez (kongo coming off loss to herring and most likely a soon to be win over dan evensen/velasquez coming off a destruction of brad morris and most likely soon to be jake obrien)
7/10/08 3:14:38AM
very well thought out matchups.

hopefully joe silva will think the same way.
7/10/08 3:41:18AM

Posted by Dialect

very well thought out matchups.

hopefully joe silva will think the same way.

IMO Joe Silva doesnt do a very good job at what he is paid to do, which is put on fights that the Fans wanna see. i think ANY hardcore fan of mma could create a great card in the UFC. (i dont mean throw every big name fighter against each other)
7/10/08 3:44:43AM

Posted by ufc88

Nate Quarry vs Martin Kampmann (quarry coming off joke win over kalib starnes, last impressive win was pete sell/kampmann coming over submission win over jorge rivera)

Out of all those fights, this was the only one I didn't want to see happen (yet).

I would much rather see at this moment a Jason Day/Nate Quarry fight (Jason Day is looking to rebound from the loss to Bisping, and he's still a great striker, so put him up there with Quarry who I think isn't ready for a Kampmann, and needs someone bigger than Pete Sell/Kalib Starnes, but not too huge a jump. Instead of throwing Quarry at the wolves, Franklin, like last time, just let him build himself up), and then a Martin Kampmann/Patrick Cote fight (Patrick should not be anywhere near a title shot, and Kampmann would solve that problem.)
7/10/08 6:05:43AM
I'd like to see them all, excluding Quarry vs Kampmann and Bonnar vs Cane

I'd like to see this instead:

Stephan Bonnar vs Goran Reljic (Bonnar coming off 2 impressive submission wins over Nickels and Schafer/ Reljic coming off KO of Wilson Gouviea)

I think that'd make sense
7/10/08 6:14:20AM
Just an FYI, it was Paul Taylor, not Paul Kelly who just beat Jess Laudin. Paul Kelly was the one who beat taylor at ufc 80, i think hes got a fight lined up for the next u.k card though.

Good match ups though, lots of fights id like to see.
7/10/08 6:54:15AM
i think Shogun vs Soko makes more sense, and maybe have Jardine or Gouveia face Luiz Cane. those are all possible match-ups.
7/10/08 8:31:07AM
For me what makes sense is if UFC 88 would have been...

Chuck vs. Machida (for title shot)
Thiago Silva vs Rashad (as it was supposed to be way back)

and AMEN to Nate vs Martin, I've been calling this fight since I bought my 88 ticket
7/10/08 9:39:24AM
I would like to see:

Werdum vs Nog
Lesnar vs Kongo
Hearing vs Hardonk





7/10/08 11:29:09AM
I'd like to see

Antoni Hardonk vs Shane Carwin- Hardonk coming of 2 TKO wins/Carwin is undefeated and coming of a TKO win
7/10/08 12:37:18PM
guillard vs fisher is the best fight in your fight

but wiman have to face better competition like joe stevenson
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