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11/3/07 12:31:28PM
Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Fighting Solves Everything fight camp! Where we play for real! $50 buy in covers the entire next season. All entry fees that go in, come right back out as prize money. We will pay the top 25% of the league. For example, if 20 people join the camp, we will pay 5 spots. The more people we get, the more spots will be paid. Here is a standard breakdown for a 20 man camp.

1st = 35% = $350
2nd = 25% = $250
3rd = 20% = $200
4th = 15% = $150
5th = 5% = $50

The total amounts and spots paid increase greatly as we get more participants! So join the camp!

I have some local friends and family who are going to be in the camp. We live in Rhode Island and Connecticut. I manage the World Gym in Wakefield, RI. My cell is 401 633-5683. Anyone who has reservations about sending $50 in the mail for a buy-in, give me a call or post on the board. I have been running Fantasy Football leagues for years and have held $15000 to $20000 at one point. Never stiffed a soul in my life and I am not going to start now. I just want to add more interest to something that is already fun.

Accept invite! And lets get this thing rolling!

Makes checks payable to:
Ron Watson
94B Warner Street
Newport, RI 02840

Like I said, give me a call first. 401 633-5683. I will send you an invite and you are in!


11/9/07 12:03:42PM
Good luck man, but I dont see anyone sending you real money without knowing you from Adam.

I know I wouldnt...
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